MAX Opening Night and Tank Gallery exhibition

The Brockley MAX kicks-off today, with a concert outside the Brockley Barge, beginning at 4.20pm, with the final act on at 10pm. Line-up below:

4:20pm Gordonbrock Primary School
4:40pm Rain On My Parade (FSOR)
5:10pm The Others (FSOR)
5:40pm The Strum Pets
6:00pm Montage Theatre Arts
6:05pm Brand Nu
6:20pm The Real Bad Habits
6:40pm Paper Fish
7:00pm The Flood Liners
7:20pm Barra
7:40pm Ben & Ben
8:00pm Nunhead Choir
8:20pm Dune Lake
8:45pm Dr Joe Joe
9:10pm Cat Knight
9:30pm Scaredy Cats
10:00pm One Jah

As part of the festival, Tank Gallery in Ladywell is organising a series of photographic exhibitions called Navigate, which will take place in venues across the area. It starts tonight. Check out the site for details.


Anonymous said...

Will Brockley Central host a night at the festival this year???

Brockley Nick said...

No, sorry. Next year, we hope. Lives allowing.

Anonymous said...

What about the speed dogging event?

Brockley Kiwi said...

Roller skate tug-o-war!!! What a fecken awesome idea!!

Anonymous said...

speed dogging event will be hosted by the BDS I presume. check out their website...

Brockley Dogging Society - Legal & Security Division said...

Events may be somewhat sporadic over the coming months. Glendale have written to us asking for a £50 per session 'green fee'. Quiet what maintenance they expect to have to do as a result of our activities is beyond me, we always replace divots and re-seed area that are a little bald after a particularly vigorous night. We have of course refused on the grounds that we were granted rights on common ground dating back over a thousand years. In fact next time you look at the Bayeux tapestry you may notice a couple of figures in the classic 'reverse archer' position. It's about 6 meters along, behind the dying horse.

Glendale sent a couple of fee collectors along one night. Suffice to say that one left with great expediency, the other resigned and joined the BDS. Welcome Murial.

Tressillionaire said...

these comment feeds make living in Brockers worthwhile

Little Brockley said...

Quite BDS. Quite.

Anonymous said...

can I ask an anon WTF was going on at the Talbot gig tonight? We left at 8.15 after atrocious service and no sign of live music. Very disappointing...

Now and Then said...

The service wasn't up to it last night (I'm sure lessons were learned), this was compounded by The Tunnel Trio being late due to travel problems. When they finally got going they played a storm.

Anonymous said...

Yeah,play somewhere where the service is better.

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