Royal Weeding Day: A day that was truly happy and glorious

The Royal Weeding Day was the sort of occasion that Brockley still does best. It showed a global audience of two dozen that, despite the rampant gentrification of Brockley, commoners can still dream of being accepted in to the establishment. Of course, it was also a showcase for Brockley fashion and there had been much advance speculation about who would design "those trousers" and while they were beautifully cut, with tasteful nods to Percy Thrower's famous trousers from 1956, in the end, it was the gardeners' well-honed bottoms that set Twitter ablaze.

Transition Towns' Royal Correspondent, Caroline looks forward to the honeymoon:

Our next date is Monday 30th May 2011, 10am - 12pm ( Bank Holiday )

We have a few gaps left to fill, plus there will be general tidying up / possible thinning / redistributing some plants, as well as planting a few more

So far we have a rich mix of ( in no particular order ); spring onions, butternut squash, courgettes, sweet peas, marigolds, cornflowers, lavender, crocosmia, calendula, runner beans, decorative peas champion of england, camomile, rainbow chard, turnips, gem lettuces, globe artichokes, potatoes,provencale mixed salad leaves, perpetual spinach, strawberries, parsley, mind, climbing french beans, and sunflowers !!

Please come along on the 30th with gardening tools, watering cans, seedlings, and we could also do with some more sticks for labelling ,

Thanks again, and maybe see you on the 30th!