25m mast to be built at Nunhead junction

Oli has sent us a copy of a letter he got from Network Rail, announcing that a 25m communications mast is to be built at Nunhead Junction, where St Asaph Road meets Aspinall Road.

The mast's construction is part of a programme of works to deliver a new system that will allow continuous communication between the driver and the signallers, "to improve safety, reliability and punctuality."

The tower is pretty tall - about one third the height of the new tower being built at the Deptford Distillery - but hopefully for nearby residents, it won't be too intrusive as the line is in a cutting at that point. Work should be complete by September.


Anonymous said...

Sounds Around have put out a tender for 5,000 tin foil hats. I've got my order in.

Anonymous said...

There are a number of objections from residents nearby who have taken this up with their local councillors and, I think, their MP. The mast is considerably taller than the cutting. There is more posted on the Telegraph Hill website on this.

Anonymous said...

Telegraph hill residents complaining about wireless telegraphy?

Maybe the area should be renamed to something more in keeping with the concerns of the residents.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if one of Greenwich is in the pipeline? It could certainly do with the same treatment.

Tamsin said...

If we could defeat Napoleon with semaphore stations why do we need anything else...?

Anonymous said...

The French are better armed these days.

Anonymous said...

Not In My Back Yard! Now where's my ethical biodegradable pencil, I'm going to write a snotty letter to my MP.

Name and address supplied of the conservation area.

Anonymous said...

Can they slap on an O2 mobile thingy.

A decent signal? Not in my backyard.

Anonymous said...

I can imagine in the day when there was a mechanical Telegraph station there manned by former sailors there would have still been complainers.

Probably farmers wives and milk maids complaining that the milk in the is churns refuses to turn to butter because of the infernal clatter of the telegraph upsetting the cows.

A better, stronger signal radiated across the locality will be bring the great benefit of easier, clearer and better communication to a the huge number of people for whom mobile voice and data is an important part of their lifestyle.

Anyone worried about radiation should look first to that great yellow thing in the sky which turns the skin of the unwary a vivid lobster red. Totally organic radiation damage.

Now and Then said...

Hope its not as plug ugly as that mess rising up from the old distillery site, besides which Guys would look inspirational. I thought we were done with that type of building some time back.

Anonymous said...

It's for communication between drivers and signal operators. Won't make a jot of difference for downloading porn

Oli said...

Just to clarify - and as the source of this story - I wasn't indulging in any nimbyism with regard this mast.

ie, I haven't complained to any individual or any authorities or even said 'down with this sort of thing'.

But I *am* interested to know how high 25 metres is as it sounds 'really quite high'.

And just because I actually don't particularly relish the idea of a massive radio mast in my front garden, it doesn't give brave anonymous posters the right to chuck around the tedious phrase 'nimby'.

(And for the record I fully understand the laws of physics and would happily lie on a giant bed of wireless routers for all the physical interaction radio waves have with human physiology)

I'm just a bit worried that a) it's going to be a bit of blight and that b) Network Rail's record of 'giving a shit' about local residents feelings is not that great.

TC said...

Imagine Usain Bolt running 100m.

When he is a quarter of the way down the track that is 25m.

Stand that distance on its end and you have the height of the mast.

Or imagine 82ft 6ins

Brockley Nick said...

Or think about it this way:

A beam of light travels 299,792,458 metres per second.

So the mast is as high as the beam from a torch placed at ground level would travel in 0.000000083 seconds approx.

Now and Then said...

very illuminating!

Anonymous said...

Oli. It is about two and half times the height of an average house. Here is a picture of a 25m high art installation to give you the idea of the height.

Fairly high is indeed the case. Much higher than that the cutting it will be in.

Anonymous said...

See last comment - hyperlink did not come through. Here it is:


Luddite said...

Everything taller than an average house in inherently evil and cannot be justified on any grounds.


Anonymous said...

Maybe they could disguise it as a tree.

Ian said...

Is the mast active yet. Our laptops won't pick up a router signal above ground level which is a pain as my office is in the attic. My kindle won't pick up a signal and my neighbours mobile phone has stopped working altogether. We live very near the top of the hill on Drakefell Road. Any connection (tsk) do you think? Having googled mast interference I've discovered all sorts of alarming facts and theories, dirty electricity for example.

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