Was your car scraped on Harefield Road?

After the commonplaces of everyday life, with their muffled dramas, all my organic expertise for dealing with physical injury had long been blunted or forgotten. The crash was the only real experience I had been through for years.
- Crash
BC's ray of sunshine, Happy Brockers writes:

I wanted to let the good people of Brockley know about an incident that happened today on Harefield Road, just outside 'The Orchard'.

I was on the 484 on the way back from Lewisham, at about 11.35am, and a Blue, (slightly electric in colour) Citroen (I think it was a Xsara) insisted on squeezing past the bus, and several parked cars on the road.

I was unable to get the number plate of the car, the bus was crowded and I was sitting on the wrong side. But I imagine the bus driver will have got it, as the car scratched his bus. His reg was 'YX11 AHG.'

I just wanted to let you know, in case any of the reader's cars on Harefield Road were damaged, and they wanted to follow it up with the insurers?