Brockley Station gate to be replaced with barriers

Lep Recorn has sent us this letter he received from London Overground, confirming that the annoying gate on Platform 2 of Brockley Station, with which thousands of travellers play a guessing game every night, will be replaced by ticket barriers.

London Overground says that subject to planning approval from Lewisham Council, the new barriers should be operational by November 2011. Replacing the gate will mean that you won't have to wait until someone in the ticket office responds to the buzzer before deciding to let you through. The barriers should ensure that people in wheelchairs, or with walking difficulties, pushchairs or heavy luggage can get through easily, without service providers losing revenue through fare evasion.

London Overground also confirms a change of policy, which means that until the barriers are introduced, staff will be instructed to open the gate upon request and not just if they think they see someone who looks a bit like they might have a struggle getting up the stairs.