El's Kitchen - London Deli of the Year 2011

Outstanding independent Ladywell business El's Kitchen has been selected as the joint-winner of London Deli of the Year and will go through to represent the region at the finals at the Great Taste Awards Dinner on Monday 5th September in London.

Judging took place at capitalist pig-dogs Fortnum and Mason on Wednesday 15th June, where more than 126 entries from over 400 delis, nominated by 10,000 people across the UK (hopefully including some BC readers) were scrutinised in great detail by the 10 independent judges.

El says:

The staff are so excited they are bouncing off the walls like a bunch of Zebedees!


Paddy said...

"capitalist pig-dogs Fortnum and Mason " - I hope this is a joke...you inverted snob!

Brockley Nick said...

It's a reference to the UKuncut misfire.

Monkyboy said...

Excellent. I actually make an effort to visit from Malpas Road to buy goodies. Not only is the stock great but it's a professional, well thought out business. I suspect that many shops started with enthusiasm fail because of well meaning but misguided planning.

Nice mozzarella but a big sign showing that there is a £5 min on debit cards would be good. I saw a yummy mum get in right old strop when she was told.

Paddy said...

That went way over my head Nick you well read scholar you ;)

Mondee said...

Wow, well done to El and co. Pretty impressive after less than a year (?)

Anonymous said...

The best thing to have arrived since Delia taught us all that garlic wasn't something to scare away vampires, I love El's deli and it's gorgeously sexy male staff!

Simon and Olivia @Geddes said...

We are so thrilled for El and her team, it's fantastic news.
I'm sure many people in the local area know how much planning and research went into Eleanor's new venture and we're pleased it seems to be paying dividends.
We also see El working ridiculous hours in order to make sure things are well organised and run smoothly.
In our opinion, El's Kitchen has been a great addition to Ladywell and they deserve to succeed. Well done!

Anonymous said...

I am quite surprised at this. I find service to be pretty slow and some of the (many) staff members to be apathetic at best. However, El herself is charming and I appreciate her efforts. London's best? I am not so sure.

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