The evolution of Brockley man

EDIT: Photo now removed, but basically it was a couple of hipsters.

Recently on Twitter, Sydenham-based journalist Paul tweeted this picture from his train journey home, together with the bold prediction that the two gentlemen in the photo would disembark at Brockley. He won his bet.

Since Brockley Central is a fairly buttoned-down, sexually-inhibited sort of a blog, that spends all its days behind a desk, working for the man to prepare Brockley for a merciless invasion by Megacorp PLC, we tend to travel to and from Brockley at rush hour, when a wide array of people get on and off the train at Brockley, so we've never thought that Brockley had such an easily identifiable 'type'. At other times of day, life around the station can look very different.

It's obvious that Brockley has got younger and more attractive over the last few years as Brockley Central has gotten older and less attractive. But the array of stereotypes that get thrown around on this site, from cardigan wearing vegans, to ruthless bankers, middle-aged doggers and angry crusties suggests that Brockley remains a broad church and we hope it remains thus.

Is this what we have become? How would you describe the average Brockleyite?

Edit: for the avoidance of doubt, we think the two people in the photo look perfectly nice. If that is what you're all like, that's fine by us.