Flood warning for Lewisham

Travis Bickle: Thank God for the rain to wash the trash off the sidewalk.
- Taxi Driver

Thanks to Hannah and to Londonist for alerting us to warnings that the Ravensbourne may burst its banks due to heavy rain today. The Environment Agency says:

The river and flooding forecast is: Showers are expected to develop this morning and these may be locally heavy and thundery for a time, before dying out this afternoon. Rainfall totals of perhaps 20 -30mm are possible in a short space of time in some locations. If these rainfall totals are realised, river levels could rise rapidly in response to these thundery showers and overtop banks in places. The weather prospects are: The forecast suggests that some more widespread, but lighter, rain is then expected later this afternoon and early in the evening. This rainfall should then clear away eastwards before midnight.


It's going dark......... said...


It's going dark......... said...

and a bucket load of rain.......

Anonymous said...

Torrential rain and thunder at Wimbledon 2-10

Now and Then said...

'Cryin wont help you, prayin' wont do you no good.

When the levee breaks mama you got to move.'

Surely The Ravensbourne would just overflow its banks.

Anonymous said...

Flood? FLOOD!?! I stood in ladywell park (by the big concrete "entertainment" area) and chose my spot by the river hoping to see the great torrents! well, the river DID rise... by almost 1 foot. I was there for an hour. Then I happened to come back a few hours later and the water level was still no where near as high as it was a month ago. I can not believe this piddly amount of rain attracted a flood warning!

And, what was this "heat wave" were supposed to have? It' the end of June. It was 30 degrees. It's supposed to be warm! 30c in January, would be a heat wave. 30 degrees in june, is not a heat wave.... it's summer!

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