Batman in Croydon: The Killing Joke

This will be a good life. Good enough.

- Batman, The Dark Knight Returns

Metropolis is supposed to be New York by day. Gotham is New York by night. Or Croydon at any time.

Delta Point in West Croydon has been converted into Gotham General Hospital for the filming of the Dark Knight Rises, according to ThisisCroydon:

One onlooker said he saw a dramatic car chase being filmed on set along with several rooftop shots involving the action hero.
The spectator also got a sneak peak of one of the characters crashing through a window of the building.
The onlooker said: "It's nice that Croydon is put on the map for the Batman film.
In the final part of Christopher Nolan's trilogy, Batman is pitted against Dane (Bowers) while fighting an unstoppable tide of human filth that pours out of the East London Line every night.