The Brockley Central Interview: Brockley's Rock

The opening of a new fish restaurant on Brockley Road is guaranteed to generate a lot of interest on Brockley Central, but owner Kyri Karoulla stoked the fires of the internet in a way that would put JJ Abrams to shame, with an esoteric choice of name that had grammar freaks hyperventilating: Brockleys Rock. Now, we've had the chance to interview Kyri to clear up some of the mysteries surrounding the new business:

When's opening day?
We are planning to open on Monday 4th July. If there’s any change to that plan, we will let you know via this website, so unless you hear differently, the 4th July it is.

What will your opening hours be?
Opening hours will be 11:30am to 10:00pm Monday to Saturday. Note has been taken that there is a keen interest on Brockley Central for Sunday opening, so watch this space.

Are you primarily going to be a takeaway or a cafe?
We will be both take away and restaurant. I want Brockley's Rock to have a relaxed atmosphere - somewhere you can bring your friends for a nice meal as well as the family.Or to just grab a take away.

Will you have any specialities? What will make you different?
We will be specialising in traditional fish and chips as well as grilled fish, seafood and homemade fish cakes. It's just going to be about fish and simple cooking. We do not have a drinks licence but our customers are welcome to bring their own bottle of wine and we will provide the glasses and the bottle opener.

You've seen the comments about the lack of an apostrophe on your sign ‘Brockleys Rock’, so we've got to ask, what is the name of the shop?
It’s called Brockley’s Rock. I was really surprised with the attention the apostrophe has attracted. The name Brockley's Rock was simply an play on words. Brockley's Rock feels personal – the fish belongs to Brockley and hopefully the locals can be proud of it. The apostrophe will be added to the shop's name hopefully before the opening date.

Why did you decide to open in Brockley?
I wanted to locate my fish shop somewhere diverse and multicultural. I love the feel of the area. It's vibrant and exciting and I hope to be part of that.

How long did it take you to get the business off the ground?
I've been looking for the perfect place for over a year.I was quite particular about the type of area I wanted to settle in .Brockley is not only going to be my place of business it is also going to be my home.

Which other local businesses do you admire?
I do love the food at Brockley Mess, and the coffee is first class. El’s Kitchen has to be admired for establishing themselves in the area in such a short time and are now running for Deli of the Year award. Peter from Heat is my neighbour and a five star hairdresser. Everyone on the street has actually made me feel very welcome.

Fishy Business gets very good reviews from readers, why do you think there is room in the area for another fish and chip place?
We intend to offer grilled fish as well as fried, and seafood such as calamari, whitebait, prawns and homemade fish cakes, not offered anywhere else in the area, I don’t think.

Do you have a background in the restaurant industry? Why did you decide to open your own business?
I have been in the fish and chips business for about 23 years. I ran my own fish and chips take away and restaurant in Bow East London for 10 years. Fish and chips is what I know and do best. Brockley's rock will be quite different with a fresh approach to good simple quality food.

Any other message to Brockley residents?
Thanks to all that took the time to post their comments on the Brockley Central website. On behalf of Brockley's Rock I look forward to welcoming you all.