Big Red, Deptford

30 Deptford Church St, SE8 4RZ

Big Red is a new double decker bus-shaped pizza restaurant in Deptford that has already collected glowing reviews from the Deptford Dame and Crosswhatfields. It's housed within a bus parked next to the Bird's Nest Pub, Deptford Church Street.

They've done a nice job of keeping the bus' features, while making the experience quite different to shovelling a Big Mac meal down your throat on the N171.

Despite the fact that pizza is apparently a food that the kids are all in to these days, this area's restaurant industry has been a little slow to catch on to consumer demand and good local pizza options are pretty thin-crust on the ground, so this is a very exciting addition to Deptford's growing collection of transport-themed eateries.

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