East London Line passenger numbers double

The Evening Standard reports figures from TfL, which show that passenger numbers have doubled over the last year:

Passenger numbers on the East London line have doubled in the first year since its £1 billion transformation.

It has carried more than 20 million people, about 85,000 a day, since it was reopened by Boris Johnson a year ago. Figures are expected to double again by 2016...

Last month the East London line was named the most punctual railway in the UK for its performance in April.

Although not great news in itself, as anyone who's traveled between 08.15 and 08.45 can testify, the figures are an endorsement of the quality of the service and its transformational potential and a strong argument for further investment in the network, whether through increased frequency, longer trains, later running times, new stations or enhancements to the existing stations, such as making Brockley Station fully accessible.