TK Maxx opening in New Cross

Remember the pick 'n' mix in Woolworths? All the sweets individually wrapped. Proper, old-fashioned sweets, yeah? Not like the sweets they have now, all with knives in them and AIDS. Yeah, proper, old-fashioned sweets they used to have. Very nostalgic feelings I have for Woolworths. You used to go in, Saturday mornings, with your pocket money, and you'd get the old 7" singles they had and the pick 'n' mix and, um... There must have been something else they sold. That was it, wasnt it? Singles, pick 'n' mix. Its hardly surprising they went under.

TK Maxx is opening a new store on the New Cross Gate retail park, next to Curry's. We don't recall what it's replacing, but we're pretty sure it's no loss.

The TK Maxx website announces that it will be opening on August 22nd.

Thanks to Mike for the scoop!