Brockley Open Studios 2011

A map of this year's exhibitors

The Brockley Open Studios returns in 2011 with a record 54 exhibiting artists, for a long weekend on July 2nd, 3rd and 4th.

Open Studios weekend is always warm and sunny and is our personal highlight of the Brockley calendar. The artists really open up their homes (many of which are stunning) and are fantastic hosts while the work on show is eclectic, ranging from the amateur to the excellent.

Untitled, by exhbitor Victoria Scott

This year there is also a show of small works from most of the artists involved at Toad's Mouth Too, from June 28th - July 15th.


The Cat Burglar said...

Woo! Reconnaissance mission!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Great weekend.

TaylorJ said...

Brilliant! Went for the first time last year, in my first year as a Brockleyite. Could not believe how beautiful some of the houses and gardens are! Best sticky-beaking opportunity in London.

Anonymous said...

The white brockley map on pink looks like a side profile of a baby bump .... Has a spine and sacrum and everything. Or is that just me and my osteopathic brain?

Now and Then said...

Cripes you're right! Brockley....Pregnant with possibilities.

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