Application to redevelop Crofton Park high street site

Patrick has alerted us to an application to demolish and rebuild 437-439 Brockley Road, which houses two commercial units next to Spring Way Chinese takeaway and Crofton Park Pharmacy. The application is for:

“The demolition of existing commercial units and flats at 437-439 Brockley Road SE4 and construction of a single to four storey building, incorporating balconies and terraces, comprising a retail unit (Use Class A1) on the ground floor and 4 one bedroom and 5 two bedroom self-contained flats above, together with the provision of 12 bicycle spaces, a bin store and associated landscaping”.

Patrick adds:

Spring Way and the pharmacy are 433 and 435, so it looks as if they’re planning to demolish only half the building – very odd.


Matt-Z said...

Odd indeed. It's a shame King's closed down, it was a useful store.

Recent redevelopments on the high street are all about cramming more flats in upstairs with little or no improved commercial space, or favourable lets to encourage traders in. I suspect having 9 flats upstairs paying e.g.£850 each per month the landlord won't care if there's an empty shop downstairs.

Grrrr said...

Right opposite the Brockley Jack then, where the window shop and workshop currently are. At the end of my street. How can they possibly ask for a four storey building there? Will tower over everthing else. What IS a "single to four storey" building, anyway?

Council sent out letter with this same description of the application, giving the internet address to the Council web page where you can "see the application and drawings". But there are no drawings or any associated documents about it at all, just the same basic description that's here on the blog.

So you can't see the plans and make proper objections if you have concerns unless you take time off work to go look at the plans at Lewisham library. If they are there! At a stroke, potential objecters are reduced to the handful of people at home during the day! Unbelievable, if this weren't Lewisham "Take the Shabby Approach" Borough.

Brockley Nick said...

@Grrr - sometimes it takes a few days for the documents to appear online. Check back in a couple of days.

A 1-4 storey building means that part of the building is one storey, part is four storeys and there are presumably some levels in between.

Ed CPZ said...

Four stories is too high in my opinion; just see the curent Mantle road buildings. I am glad the new station developments will be no higher than the rest of the local housing.

Grrr said...

Thanks Nick! Typical of the website that it doesn't give you this info itself. Thank gawd for you!

Sue said...

This site already has permission from 2008, which will still be valid, though that was for "a part three/part four storey building incorporating balconies and terraces comprising,1 office unit, 2 artist studios, 4 one bedroom, 4 two bedroom and 1 three bedroom self contained flats".

I remember the application coming to the planning committee I sat on and was reasonably impressed with what was proposed, though it was the usual story of the architect would happily have made it more sustainable but the developer needed their profit margin. I'm guessing they decided that the artist studios and office space weren't a financially viable as one big A1 retail unit that the likes of TESCO Express/Sainsbury Local might snap up.

Brockley Kipper said...

I bike past this site each day and glad something is being done with it at last.
I'll take a slightly higher building over leaving a crappy semi-derelict site any day.

I like Budgens - my fingers are crossed a tesco doesn't come and snap up the entire ground floor.
Bring it on.

Barbara said...

It's not semi-derelict, Kipper - it's a window shop and their workshop! Nice little family business and they did a great job with my new windows!

Barbara said...

Oh and "slightly higher" is DOUBLE its current two-storey height, which is also the height of the neighbouring buildings.

patrick1971 said...

Thanks Nick, that was quick work!

But what I still don't understand is why they could (or would want to) only demolish half a building. I'll try to nip into Lewisham Library tomorrow to see the drawings; as @Grrrr says, they're not online yet.

Application ID is DC/11/77384.

Crofton Park Planner said...

A modern four storey building could only be a single story higher than exsting with its lower ceiling heights and flat rather than pitched roof etc. However I see the previous approval is about 1.5 higher and quite a statement!

The biggest shame is that whatever is done is not also done on the parade at the otherside of Sevonoaks Road as the existing building is part of a pair of parades that frame the Sevonoaks Road estate. Suppose the planners can force whoever goes second to copy the first.

Aricana said...

@Nick - do you know if they are building an extra floor above the Btoca Food Market shopping parade? I'd heard a rumour that the freeholders would be applying for planning permission a while back but couldn't find anything on the Lewisham Planning Office website

Tyrwhitt Michael said...

I suspect they only want to demolish half the building as they only own half of it.

These things happen look up Wickham's Depatment Store in Bow for an even more extreme example.

Barbara said...

The plans etc for this development are now up at Lewisham Council's planning website - application number DC/11/77384/X. Quite horrifying proposal - just half the current 1930s building, towering over the other half and over the little terraces on Sevenoaks Rd. Bizarre for a site like that!!!

Alison said...

60 local people attended a meeting about it at St. Hilda's on the 20th Sept. They brought up many important issues-parking problems, danger to secondary children using Sevenoaks Road from supermarket lorries, tall, ugly flats that would not blend in with local buildings, enough food shops etc. The developer made it clear these objections made no difference to him. He will get maximum profit from not using bricks, making it high and getting Tesco/Sainsbury in to help cover his costs. He also has other land along Overground route earmarked for more development. He owns about 25 bars across London, including Jam Circus. Because he is just using this area for his own ends, I've decided that I'm no longer using Jam Circus. If anyone else feels as strongly about this, then do join me in this action and/or contact Lewisham planning department as soon as possible. Give your point of view.

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