Children's story telling in Hilly Fields, June 14th and 20th


Running Nutter said...

I have a 4 and 8 yo - would love to go but i think they'll be at school!

Anonymous said...

Why does story telling in a park require lottery funding? The park is free (for now) you can borrow a copy of Gruffalo from the library (for now) and surely someone can just volunteer their time for free to read to kids.

Tamsin said...

But professional story-tellers who, it must be said, do it better than most parents, need to be paid to live. And if you are publicising it by more than just word of mouth to family and friends you need public liability insurance, and a Small Events Application to Glendale. And it was probably not very much lottery funding and part of a larger project.

My main concern is the timing in the middle of a school day as RN pointed out.

Anonymous said...

But isn't it for pre-schoolers?

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