Lewisham hands Fusion Lifestyle 15 year leisure contract

Lewisham Council announces:

The Council has awarded a new 15-year leisure management contract to Fusion Lifestyle.

The new contract, due to start on 15 October, covers the management of nine of the borough’s sport and leisure facilities, including public gyms, swimming pools, sports halls and an outdoor athletics’ track.

Sir Steve Bullock, Mayor of Lewisham, said: "These are exciting times for sport and leisure in Lewisham. London 2012 is around the corner and we are near completion of several major leisure developments in the borough, so we have big expectations from our new leisure provider.

"The key aims of our sports’ strategy for the borough are to encourage Lewisham people to be more active and to create better sport and leisure facilities. This new partnership with Fusion Lifestyle will go a long way to accomplishing this."

In addition to Ladywell Arena, the Bridge, Wavelengths and Ladywell leisure centres that are covered by the current contract, Fusion lifestyle will also take on Loampit Vale Leisure Centre and Forest Hill Pools, once they are opened.

The relocation of Wavelengths Library to the Deptford Lounge is due to take place this autumn. Fusion Lifestyle will finance the sports equipment needed to convert the new vacant space into an additional sports area within the leisure centre.

Fusion will also manage other local community facilities including a third party lettings system to maximise community use of school facilities.

Tim Mills, Business Development Director of Fusion, said: "Improving leisure and cultural opportunities is a key priority for Lewisham Council and the team at Fusion is looking forward to delivering exciting developments over the next few years. As a registered charity, we are committed to providing the local community with high quality services at a price people are willing and able to pay".


max said...

It's hard to judge a management when the Contractor and the Council can both say that something is responsibility of the other.

I can say that Parkwood Leisure (owned by Parkwood holdings that also owns Glendale) has been a piss-poor manager of leisure centres in Lewisham since it takes them months to fix a shower but obviously they can point at the fact that the maintenance budget comes from the Council so maybe the choice of the contractor makes a difference only to a point.

Mondee said...

Months to fix a shower?! If only it were months. I have been going to Wavelengths leisure pool for 6 years now and the showers by the pool have never all worked. One or two produce just enough water to get wet - until someone turns on another one, and the water pressure drops so that the water can only trickle down the wall. And as for Ladywell. I know it's being knocked down at some point, but in the meantime lots of people use it and it's absolutely filthy. My child has swimming lessons there and the more I look, the more I am amazed she hasn't yet caught anything. Thank goodness Parkwood have lost the contract, let's hope these guys do a better job.

sally said...

Wavelengths showers at the leisure pool are indeed a joke! The training pool ones are OK at last (in the cubicles at least). I hope they keep up the policy of free swimming for kids.

Headhunter said...

Fusion manage Southwark's gyms, a few of which seem to have been done up and are all nice and shiny! I can go into most ex-council gyms and pools across London for free with my UK Fitness Network card.

Seven Islands Leisure Ctre and Surrey Dock Watersports Centre both have nice shiny new equipment in their gyms. The Surrey Dock centre seems to have been completely rebuilt and still smells of new building... Not sure if Fusion was responsible for the rebuilding and refurbishment though...

Running Nutter said...

I'm a regular at ladywell arena and the on site staff are excellent. The off site management are less so, so months to sort out a busted treadmills, gents toilets that smell like ....and now the water dispenser has been discontinued.

I also went to ladywell gym the other day and two of four TM's were busted there as well.

I get the impression that all concerned will be relieved when fusion come in.

Robert said...

Agreed. I will not be sorry to see the back of Parkwood either. The level of service they have provided has been abysmal - I could recount many incidents over the past five years that have driven me mad - but I won't bore you with the details.

Role on Fusion - let's see what you're made of.

Jane Bosom said...

Is anyone on the Council accountable for p*ssing away our money on Parkwood contract? With public servants like that who needs taxes?

Harry Hilders said...

Interesting topic.

Gianna said...

I am a bit worried because I was unaware of this change of management and signed for a year for the use of the pool about three months ago. I hope that Fusion will honour existing subscriptions!

Brockley Nick said...


TM again said...

Is Gianna time travelling?

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