Not Brockley Central: Tradicional After Supper Club

Last night, we went to the After Supper Club - a Mexican pop-up restaurant and bar located in the MC Motors Warehouse in Dalston, a short walk from the ELL.

For £45, we got a great five course menu, wine, beer and as many tequila-based drinks as we could handle. If you don't like avocado, this place is probably not for you, but the food was delicious, the hosts created a very social atmosphere and the setting was stunning. The Standard has a much better photo than we managed to get.

The event was created by start-up company The Art of Dining, a chef and designer duo who only met each other at University for the first time a year ago and have pulled off something pretty incredible in a very short space of time. It's sponsored by Jose Cuervo (full disclosure, Diageo is a client of BC's employer, but this is entirely coincidental, we paid for our own tickets).

There are still a few tickets left for the last events. Click here to go to the event page.


Anonymous said...

The Standard photo features 3 beards.

Looks past the foreground said...

I can see at least 5 beards

Bullshit bingo said...

When did 'new' get replaced by 'start-up', when referring to a business?

Brockley Nick said...

Ages ago gramps, keep up. Try reading a newspaper.

Anonymous said...

It's like "pop-up" which is the new "undecorated".

Someone has lost touch with real Brockley.

Anonymous said...

I really wish blogspot had a "like" feature

I just hate the general public said...

Yeah! All these people out having fun. And some even have beards! Scum. Everyone knows it's better to sit alone indoors, sneering at strangers on the internet. Now THAT'S living.

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