The Allotment celebrates first birthday

Gill, the owner of New Cross Road food shop owner The Allotment, writes:

Next Wednesday The Allotment is 1 year old! We are celebrating our birthday with a free raffle.

1st prize: £30 hamper,
2nd prize £20 hamper,
3rd prize £10 veg box.

Receive a ticket with each purchase.

The draw takes place next Wednesday 24th october, and the winning tickets will be published on facebook, on our website, and in the shop.

We've really enjoyed our first year in business and have learnt a huge amount since opening.  The range of stock has increased dramatically, much of it suggested by customers - we're always open to ideas and will try to get hold of something if we can.

Over the next year we intend to continue to expand our range, and to offer some more unusual varieties of fruit & vegetables.  We're also applying for a licence to sell a small, but hopefully interesting, selection of wines, beers and ciders, though it's a bit of a slow process, so don't hold your breath!


kolp said...

There's a lack of useful detail here, for me to go out of my way to shop here.

Prices, varieties???

Tamsin said...

Why? They probably don't know yet and when they do it could well go up on the website. In the meantime it has been usefully flagged up on this blog that they are still here, and they are steadily expanding their range, so that if you went in six months ago and didn't find what you want it is worth a revisit (especially in the next week as you will get a raffle ticket).

david said...

Kolp, it's a greengrocer. It sells fruit and veg. What do you want, a breakdown of every variety of potato and apple they sell with the price per kilo in a news update?

Well done on reaching one year, Allotment. I don't go as often as I should, but when I have been it's been a great addition to the aream

kolp said...

"The range of stock has increased dramatically"

Ok what? Is it apples or pears, strawberries?

What kind of prices? Are they any deals such as 'Buy 1/2 a kilo og kumquats, get a kilo of conference pears at half price.'

I am saying is that there is a lack of detail regarding what's unique about this place. Why here to buy fruit & veg as opposed to the Sainsbury's over the road and across the car park?

D said...

I'm amazed people find you annoying Kolp.

Gill - The Allotment said...

To clarify - we have increased the range of other food items in the shop. That's to say, the storecupboard things such as tins of soups, pulses, flour, rice, grains, seasonings, sauces, oils, olives, dressings, biscuits, herbals teas, spreads, breakfast cereals, non-dairy, gluten-free and vegan products, nuts, seeds etc etc.

Many of our fruit & veg prices are lower than the supermarkets, though not all, and selling everything loose means being able to buy just what you need, thus avoiding waste.

We are more susceptible to changes in market prices as we buy directly from Covent Garden. This does mean, however, that the produce in most cases has come from field to the shop in as little as 1 or 2 days, without having been in storage for weeks before being transported around the country.

I hope that answers some of your questions Kolp!

just a thought said...

Kolp, assuming you have legs, and are not an amoeba stuck to a keyboard, you could visit it and find out. Imagine.

kolp said...

Thank you Gill- good stuff, it's appreciated, when a person has to put in a 60 hr week at times, it can be tough to support all the smaller enterprises. So you end up just going to Sainsbury's or Tesco's for convenience.

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