Villa Toscana

Kramer: Yeah, ya know you haven't been around for a while. 
Maestro: Oh yeah, I've been at my house in Tuscany. 
Kramer: Oh Tuscany huh? Hear that Jerry? That's in Italy. 
Jerry: I hear it's ah beautiful there. 
Maestro: Well if you're thinking of getting a place there don't bother. There's really nothing available.
- Seinfeld, The Maestro

The short-lived Alby's Place is dead - in its place rises 'Villa Toscana' (according to the note in the window), which promises that it's a restaurant. Pillar-box-red and black paintwork has given way to a thick reddy-brown lacquer. Maybe the CCTV cameras on the front door and window-coverings will go too, to give it a slightly more welcoming appearance.

With thanks to those on Twitter who alerted us.