Write now to stop the loss of another Lewisham pub

The Catford Bridge Tavern team have launched a campaign website to fight plans to turn the pub into flats and ground floor retail. As discussed here, the risk of it closing is real and would be a serious setback for Catford and for local drinking options.

The team write:

As the pub is already licensed for the sale of alcohol, it is a prime target for a retail unit. The landlord needs only apply for planning permission with no regulations to stop him. We would like to ask you to join us in opposing the application and therefore retaining your beautiful pub. There are a number of ways that you can do this and we have listed them below. 

We have launched a petition, which you can sign here.

Or, if you are willing to write on our behalf, please email: 

Lewisham planning: planning@lewisham.gov.uk (Quote – DC/12/81142/X ) 
Joan Ruddock MP: joan.ruddock.mp@parliament.uk 
Lewisham Mayor Steve Bullock: steve.bullock@lewisham.gov.uk 
The News Shopper: mchandler@london.newsquest.co.uk 

Or mail Antic your letters of support: fi@antic-ltd.com


Anonymous said...

The campaign link goes to a Page Not Found page.

Brockley Nick said...

Not on my computer. Maybe it was temporarily down?

Mb said...

By the way, need to include your name and address on your email objection. Guess so they can check you are a resident and ensure that there are not multiple objections. Also an objections may carry more weight, a petition with hundreads of signatures is still only a single objection.

An email takes five mins, be sure to list specific reasons.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't work for me either (on any browser), but worked fine on my iPhone, bit strange. But anyway petition is signed and emails sent.

Catford Bridge Tavern said...

Mb is right, giving your address and listing reasons when writing an objection are vital.

A big petition won't carry the same weight with planning, but will send a strong message and support the objections.

NB Nick - we should have posted Heidi Alexander's email and not Joan Ruddock's on our site, sorry.

Kate said...

Nick - please don't forget the South London Press! We will be running a story on this so if anyone wants to get in touch please do so.

Dingo Bruce said...

Link doesn't work for me either

Anonymous said...

are there any specific reasons to focus on in our emails that might carry more weight ? Focus on the loss of our beautiful pub or focus on the fact that we don't really need another retail unit in a street with plenty of retail units already ?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

That link just doesn't work that well - clearly something dodgy on the build of the site, which some browsers don't like (such as mine).

The petition link is here:

The other content on the page is all (or at least most) in Nick's post.

Catford Bridge Tavern said...

Odd that the link doesn't work, sorry. It's built in Wordpress and works on Firefox/Windows7 as well as Blackberry and iPhone.

Anyway, all important info is in this article, as are the ways in which opposition can be voiced.

It's worth pointing out that Punch Taverns, so often the bad guys in the pub world, have been very reasonable with us so far. They're making a hefty loss on the lease at the moment and have so far allowed us to stay despite having an option to wash their hands of the place. It's the superior landlord who is chasing the supermarket buck and looking to close the pub.

Anonymous said...

@anon 10:07 it is fine to raise wider concerns but Councillors need to be able to reject change of use on planning grounds. In the case the potential loss of a community facility.

So I suggest raising concerns along the lines of:

"I am writing to object to the proposed change of use of the Catford Bridge Tavern (DC/12/81142/X).

As set out in 'Pubs in Lewisham: An evidence base case study' (April 2012) 'The Council recognises the need to manage the trend in the decline of pubs and the impact this can have on local communities and the character of areas posed by their redevelopment, demolition and change of use. It is the Council’s opinion that a well managed pub can provide a social focus for the local community, a place to meet, either informally or as part of a local group, often supporting local activities and sporting clubs, providing entertainment in addition to food and drink.'

Planning policy can legitimately take into account the need to protect facilities and buildings that are of importance to the local community and this includes public houses.

I therefore would like to seek your reassurance that the Council will take into account the recommendations contained in paragraph 6.4.1 (a), (b), (c), (d) and (e) of the 'Pubs in Lewisham' report when considering the application (pp32-33).

The National Planning Policy Framework identifies pubs as 'community facilities' and the London Plan aims to protect and enhance social infrastructure and community facilities. I was very pleased to see that Core Strategy Policy 19 commits the Council to apply the London Plan policies relating to healthcare, education and community and recreational facilities to ensure 'a) there is no net loss of current facilities' (p.129).

Paragraph 7.198 of the Core Strategy notes that: 'The IDP supports the London Plan policy to protect and enhance facilities, in particular those identified as essential infrastructure and included in the Core Strategy. It should also be noted that community groups often meet at more informal premises, such as local pubs, which provide meeting rooms or space and reprovision of such facilities should be assessed if a change of use is proposed.'

I therefore register my objection to the proposed change of use on the grounds that change of use would remove an important community facility."

Catford Bridge Tavern said...

Anon 1617. Brilliant, I suspect you have a fair amount of knowledge when it comes to planning applications

Anonymous said...

@Catford Bridge Tavern

Yes, I have some knowledge...

In your submission you need to demonstrate to the Council that you do provide a community facility. The petition and letters of support from residents will be one important way to do so.

I am planning on popping in on Friday night if you want to discuss.

Catford Bridge Tavern said...

Anon 1505 Nice of you to offer, I can't be there Friday but if you ask for Alex or Theresa they'll be all ears

Anonymous said...

Page not found here too on any browser... Was fine a few days ago.

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