Ladywell parking meeting

Ladywell Councillors have organised a public meeting about the parking issue in Ladywell.

Cllr Vincent Davis writes:

Myself, Carl Handley and Helen Gibson are organising a public meeting about parking issues in Ladywell, including all housholds in the CPZ wider consultation area and even some of the streets outside the consultation zone, taking in Fossil Road, Shell Road and Cliffview Road.

Wednesday 24th October 2012 @ 7.30 p.m. 
St.Mary's Centre, Ladywell Road

This meeting is organised seperately to the borough wide parking consultation, focussing on the Ladywell CPZ, and Ladywell Councillors are keen to hear all views about the parking issue but we are particularly keen to hear what residents in the zone think about its hours of operation and whether others who remain outside want to be consulted again about inclusion and what hours of operation they would prefer. The leaflet carries a questionairre which folk can either fill in and give to us at the meeting or place in a ballot box in Ladywell Post Office, Algernon Road up until 27 October 2012.

We get a lot of comments from the public - many who are unhappy they can't park outside their own house, others outraged they are charged for parking outside their own house, others who don't mind paying for a parking permit but cannot understand why the zone operates all day to deter morning commuters attracted by the railway station, but we hope to get a sense of the public feeling on the key issues after the meeting and the emptying of the ballot box.