Ladywell parking meeting

Ladywell Councillors have organised a public meeting about the parking issue in Ladywell.

Cllr Vincent Davis writes:

Myself, Carl Handley and Helen Gibson are organising a public meeting about parking issues in Ladywell, including all housholds in the CPZ wider consultation area and even some of the streets outside the consultation zone, taking in Fossil Road, Shell Road and Cliffview Road.

Wednesday 24th October 2012 @ 7.30 p.m. 
St.Mary's Centre, Ladywell Road

This meeting is organised seperately to the borough wide parking consultation, focussing on the Ladywell CPZ, and Ladywell Councillors are keen to hear all views about the parking issue but we are particularly keen to hear what residents in the zone think about its hours of operation and whether others who remain outside want to be consulted again about inclusion and what hours of operation they would prefer. The leaflet carries a questionairre which folk can either fill in and give to us at the meeting or place in a ballot box in Ladywell Post Office, Algernon Road up until 27 October 2012.

We get a lot of comments from the public - many who are unhappy they can't park outside their own house, others outraged they are charged for parking outside their own house, others who don't mind paying for a parking permit but cannot understand why the zone operates all day to deter morning commuters attracted by the railway station, but we hope to get a sense of the public feeling on the key issues after the meeting and the emptying of the ballot box.


Pete said...

I got this letter through my letter box the other day. I'm both annoyed that I can't use my car during the day (as I'll never get parked when I come home) and also that to rectify the problem I'll have to agree to pay £120 a year to park on my own street. I appreciate that this isn't exactly a huge amount, but prior to the introduction of the CPZ there was no parking problem on Algiers Road. So it is a bit irritating.

The other annoying thing about CPZs is that when they're introduced you are forced to purchase day permits if anyone wants to visit. As someone with no family in London (all my family live in Yorkshire) it will cost me/them something like £25 a week to come and stay with me. In Oxford permit holders inside CPZs get a certain number of free day permits for their visitors. I hope we can introduce the same system here.

Geoff boycott said...

Unlike a Yorkshireman to have a whine about something. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Having lived in Islington before moving SotR I hate CPZ's, bad for business, bad for communities and bad for the purse.

I had to constantly pay for permits for visitors (oddly also from Yorkshire) not to mention for workmen etc.

A Resident - Not Cash Machine said...

It helps to ask a few questions:
CPZs do not automatically mean being forced to purchase day permits. In some other boroughs, CPZs only cover short timespans such as 10-12am weekdays. This prevents commuter parking, as most jobs require a 9am start, but allows reasonable parking for overnight or daytime visitors. Could it possibly be that Lewisham Council know this but to date have only selected long parking restrictions because it brings in extra revenue?

How is it that drivers in the first six bands can use virtually the entire UK road network for the about the same price or less than that the Council charge for maintaining a CPZ (with visitors permits and parking tickets as a nice little bonus)? When a worker pays for a visitor's permit whilst working on your house - who do you think will ultimately pay for this?

Note that CPZs do not create extra parking spaces, in fact they appear to result in less as a result of the process of creating bays and increasing yellow lines. No evidence is given to show how much overcrowding is caused by commuters compared to the general increase in car ownership. Many households have more than one car nowadays and the relatively empty CPZ residents bays appear in part due to significant numbers deciding to park elsewhere and walk.

Those of us outside CPZs have observed a significant increase in non-residents parking in our roads immediately after nearby CPZ additions and the Council appear over-keen to help 'solve' the problem by adding yet more CPZs. In spite of claimed lack of funds, the Council are already on their third round of 'consultation' - could it be because the 'no' response by many residents was unacceptable?

Why have the Council omitted to state that if a road is CPZ-ed then disabled drivers will no longer have a disabled bay outside their homes but will have to struggle to a communal disabled bay "somewhere" in the street and if this happens to be full - will be officially forced to search for a vacant bay?

Why have the Council never made it clear that whilst 'yes' means yes - not returning a consultation form does not mean 'no' as some residents appear to believe? Why does the Council not make it clear that if 10 people vote 'yes' and 9 people vote 'no' in a particular road - the Council consider this as being a 'whole road vote for zoning' even if there are 100 households in the road? That is why, in similar situations, something like 66% of the voters have to say 'yes' in order to get a significant change passed. Is it democracy to have only one vote per household - why doesn't every registered voter get a vote?

Tamsin said...

And why do the council say in their letter inviting people to a general stakeholder meeting on 5th November "We expect that parking policy changes resulting from this review will [my emphasis] be implemented from April 2013"? Keeping the status quo is obviously not an option.

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