BC: A guide to recognising your constraints

Brockley Central has been going since 2007 and was built on blogger as a place to post the odd article. Since then, the amount of content has mushroomed and we’ve bolted bits on to it here and there, using third party software and a few cheats to create something a little less linear than a blog. In the process, the design has become a little confusing, so here’s a guide some of the key features on the site:

1. Along the top bar, we have some buttons that take you to some of the key “sections” of the website. These include a map of the area with some of the places in Brockley we recommend; a photo stream which takes shots from the Brockley Flickr group; a Classifieds section that features adverts from local businesses (ranging from builders and chartered surveyors to gardeners and guitar teachers) and tabs that link to all the articles tagged with Lewisham (meaning they are of borough-wide significance) and Review (local businesses).

2. Down the right-hand column, we have a link to our forum South East Central, which has around 2,000 members, posting whatever local news they are interested in (so you don’t have to wait for BC to cover something, please use it to raise awareness of whatever you like). We also have a list of important pages – useful stuff that people revisit over and over again, like a place to find or plug a home to rent, a list of recommended tradespeople, contact details for recommended places, childcare search and advice about local doctors.

3. There are also links to our various social media channels – including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

4. The newest addition to the site is a map of local Greenspaces, which is currently being added to, but which already has links to more than 20 public spaces in the area.

5. And finally, you can use the blog archive and search box to access any article ever written on BC, plus some links to other relevant sites right at the bottom of the right-hand column.