Kitto Road suspected UXB turns out to be Victorian plumb line

Who are they, these inhuman bombers that strike at the very heart of our society with no respect for human life, without even the courtesy of a perfunctory warning? It makes you nostalgic, doesn’t it, for the good old days of the IRA. ’Cause they gave warnings, didn’t they? They were gentleman bombers, the finest terrorists this country’s ever had. We’ll not see their like again. Let’s have a little clap for the IRA . . . Cause the IRA, they were decent British terrorists. They didn’t want to be British. But they were. And, as such, they couldn’t help but embody some fundamentally decent British values.
- Stewart Lee

Several BCers report a suspected unexploded bomb was found today in Kitto Road. However, reader John Burgess reports it was a false alarm. He says:

Not a bomb, but a large Victorian plumb line in brass and sticking nose up. Looked like the real thing.

TfL confirms that the road was temporarily closed, but has now been reopened.


mikey said...

Terrorist nostalgia possibly my fave stew lee thing. Up there with observational comedy about observational comedy or his amazing top gear bit.

Anonymous said...

he's a bit of a tosser though isn't he, Lee - that must be the appeal I guess

Anonymous said...

"Looked like the real thing."

What, a Victorian plumb line?

mikey said...

Each to own and all that. I'd rather watch him than john bishop.

Brockley Nick said...

Makes you nostalgic, doesn't it? Barrymore, Starr, Davidson. We'll not see their like again. Proper comedians, who always had a smile on their face.

Anonymous said...

@mikey I agree John Bishop isn't funny, but Stewart Lee is painful (and I agree with "a bit of a tosser"). I just don't rate him.

Each to their own I suppose.

Mb said...

Plumb line? I guess they mean a bit Victorian cast iron (plumbing) pipe which could potentially look a bit bomb like. The IRA, responsible for not having anywhere to throw my crisp bag away while underground.

Anonymous said...

My pockets are often stuffed with rubbish because of this absence of bins.

I worry that my svelte profile is constantly at risk of being compromised.

Oli said...

Need pictures!

(Of plumb line, not the comedians)

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