Anchor's away in Deptford High Street makeover

Lewisham Council reports that work to redevelop Deptford High Street will start early next year, resulting in the relocation of the anchor at the junction with New Cross Road / Deptford Broadway. They write:

Lewisham Council’s refurbishment of the southern end of Deptford High Street, from Giffin Street down to Deptford Broadway, is due to get underway in spring 2013.

The work will take place in phases, so the High Street as a whole will remain open throughout the nine month construction period.

The planned changes are designed to better equip the street to accommodate traffic four days a week and a vibrant street market three days a week.

They include:

- the laying of a smart new single-level surface which will help to sort out current issues such as drainage
- new lighting
- traffic restricted to one-way (towards Deptford Broadway)
- improved parking arrangements
- the creation of a new public space alongside Deptford Broadway which could host events or special markets in order to attract more people to this end of the street. This will require the removal of the anchor, which was gifted to Deptford by Chatham Historic Dockyard in 1990; however, the Council is looking to re-locate the anchor elsewhere in Deptford.

Come and view the finalised plans and speak to the project team at Deptford Lounge from 4pm-7.30pm on Wednesday 17 October.