The A-Z of local sport

Friend of BC Sam Parton has recently launched an tool called, designed to help people find and rate sports groups and facilities near them and then book online.

To demonstrate its awesome power, he has used it to produce this A-Z of local sports options - some of which we've featured in the past, others of which we'd never heard:

A – Athletics. Were you the person who came last at school and vowed never to do athletics again? Well dust off your spikes and head down to the Ladywell Arena, Brockley’s answer to the Olympic stadium. There are a handful of running clubs to join and it’s more social than the gym.
B– Badminton. Popular in Asia and one of the fastest racquet sports, badminton is surprisingly tiring and good for your fitness. Head down to the Haberdashers Sports hall, St Asaph Road every Thursday at 20:00.  Further info here.
C–Cycling. One of the fastest growing sports in London, increasingly safe and it’s good for you (and the environment), why not get a bike? Ladywell Village Cycles and Brockley Bikes will kit you out, the TFL planner can help you find your route and the government’s Cycle Scheme will even make it tax efficient.
D–Dodgeball. Modestly named ‘The Awful Dodgers’ are always looking for players for their fledgling dodgeball team, although they tend to play at London Bridge. Details here.
E– Equestrian. Dulwich Riding School is the nearest riding centre to Brockley. It offers riding lessons for adults & children and perhaps most exciting of all - ‘Own a pony day’
F– Football. For the kids, try ‘Little Kickers’ on 020 7252 1185 who hold weekly football coaching for children at Haberdasher’s School, St Asaphs Road.
G–Golf. Feeling inspired by the Ryder Cup? Though a 20 minute drive from Brockley, Beckenham Place  Park has a public 18 hole golf course - just turn up and play.
H– Hockey. Suitable for both genders, the nearest hockey pitches are at the King’s College Sports Ground on Brockley Rise, where access is available to the community when not in use. King’s and Alleyn’s Hockey Club train there regularly.
I – Ice Skating. Hilly Fields created a ‘synthetic ice rink’ in November 2011, we’ll keep you posted if this ever comes back.
J– Jogging. It has to be Parkrun, a free weekly timed 5k run, starting at Hilly Fields every Saturday at 9am with coffee afterwards at Pistachios. To take part, you just need to quickly register in advance - event details here.
K – Karate. This is a great way to get your kids trained in self-defence. Try TKI Shotokan Karate, with karate classes around the Beckenham and Bromley area.
L–Latin Dancing. You have to head to the Rivoli Ballroom on Brockley Road on the first Saturday and Sunday of each month. Latin and ballroom dancing are on tap with an added twist of salsa and a pinch of line dancing. All abilities are welcome.
M – Martial Arts. New Cross Martial Arts offers Judo in New Crossand the Ackroyd Community Centre has ‘Shu-ho Ju-Jitsu’.
N– Netball. Adored by women, never understood by men, there are netball courts (and community teams) at the King’s College Sports Ground on Brockley Rise.
O–OAP Exercise Classes. Seated exercises for the elderly every Tuesday from 12.15 - 1pm in the Ackroyd Community Centre Main Hall, SE23 1DL. 
P– Pilates. Aptly named ‘I Love Pilates’ holds classes at the St Mary’s Centre on Ladywell Road, “combining our passion for life and wellbeing”.
Q– Quad Roller Skating–Telegraph Hill has a free skate park and if you don’t fancy the ramps, just skate around the park. Be careful not to cramp everyone’s style though.
R –Rock-climbing – Although not strictly on ‘rock’, the new Glass Mill Leisure Centre at Loampit Vale (opening in Spring 2013) will have an indoor climbing wall.
S–Swimming – Head to Forest Hill Pools which was recently(ish) revamped.  Coaching is available for kids and lane sessions are available for adults.
T– Tennis – Fancy yourself as the next Greg Rusedski or Jo Durie? Hilly Fields and Telegraph Hill are your best bets, with the former offering slightly better courts out of the two.
U–Unfound – We genuinely couldn’t find a U, nothing, nada, rien. Unicycling, unihockey and underwater hockey proved fruitless sadly.
V – Vaulting – Available at the Ladywell Gymastics Club at Belingham Leisure Centre, good for kids of all ages.
W –WorkoutOpen gym offers outdoor workouts in Hilly Fields on Mon, Wed and Sat for around £10/class saying “you’ll feel energised and very pleased with yourself” – perfect.
X – X-training - An excellent form of cardio-vascular training (and because ‘x’ is a hard one...) your best bets are Goldsmiths Gym in New Cross and Dulwich Leisure Centre
Y – Yoga – Celebrity fans include Roy Keane and Ryan Giggs. It’s surprisingly tough and incredibly good for your posture. Book a yoga class in Ladywell through Kara Grant – email:
Z – Zumba–This sport originates from Brazil and provides the happy as well as sweaty factor. We highly recommend heading down to St Hilda’s Church Hall, Brockley Road, Crofton Park every Thursday at 8pm, it’s fun, social and Brazilian, click here for further information.  


Anonymous said...

Any football for adults?

Anonymous said...

When I went to brockley bikes, I was disappointed. They were quite rude and patronising.

Mb said...

Pilates is great if you have back trouble, did about ten sesions last year in Greenwich. I can now touch my toes.

On SECentral there is a thread for ThreeLegged Football, not tied to each other but three teams play in the same game. No idea how it works but sounds fun.

Whealie said...

Lewisham lost its rugby club years ago. Many of the Lewisham players decamped to Charlton Park, now based in Kidbrooke. It's a little less snobby than Blackheath. Anyone who fancied a game would be welcome there.

The first XV are at home on Saturday and there's a vice-president's lunch with many of us in blazers that make us look like sticks of rock.

Paralympic GB wheelchair rugby ace Andy Barrow will be there, as a long-standing member of the club.

Brockley Dogging Society said...

Why was 'Dodgeball' selected?

Brockley Nick said...

The Brockley Bikes team are a bit on the gruff side, but they are actually really helpful, and most importantly, know their stuff.

Tamsin said...

An alternative Equestrian venue in the opposite direction is New Lodge in Mottingham Lane, SE9 4RW. (On the right hand side of Mottingham Lane as you go South, not to be confused with Mottingham Farm, a little bit further along on the left.) Possibly a mile or so further away (depends on where in Greater Brockley you are starting from) but I would whole-heartedly recommend them.

Their website emphasises their RDA credentials, but they offer open classes at the weekends. Careful tutorage in the sand school until you're eventually promoted to the experienced rides that go out in the adjoining fields. It is amazing how rural the surroundings are so close into central London.

In the school holidays there are "Pony Days" where children get up close and personal, learning to groom the ponies and having fun mini-gymkhana events.
There are also options to work with them volunteering - leaders are needed for much of the schooling.

In summary, check them out as well as Dulwich if you live in Brockley and have a young child wanting to learn to ride. (And be prepared for Sunday mornings never to be the same again...)

Anonymous said...

Dodgeball has moved to Shoreditch/ Old Street on a Thursday night.

No real sporting skill is required to have a go, it's competitive but with a focus more on the bar (also open during proceedings) and the social side of the game.

It is essentially the same as the film but with fewer wrenches and blindfolds.

The majority of the squad live in the Greater Brockley area and the Tshirts are sponsored by the "I broccoli Brockley" logo so it definitely counts as a local team.

We're always open to new recruits...

max said...

I just checked with my postcode and it cannot find the nearest pool which is Ladywell.

Brockley Nick said...

@Max - well it's still in beta mode, with plenty of gaps in the data, but I will insist he fixes that gap.

max said...

No hurry, the more people use Forest Hill the quieter Ladywell is;)
Selfish but true.

Anonymous said...

Any S for squash or C for Cricket in the area?

max said...

Boxing, Kickboxing... in Hither Green

Sally said...

Thanks for mentioning parkrun. Seven weeks in and we get around 50 people each week. Some run round super-fast, others (like me) take a more leisurely approach. All welcome!

Lep Recorn said...

S for squash at the bridge leisure centre in Bellingham & at Crystal Palace.

C for Cricket on Hilly Fields.

also T for Triathlon with Crystal Palace Triathletes.

Anonymous said...

There's a guy who unicycles in Hilly Fields.

Maybe he needs to start holding lessons!

Anonymous said...

@max thanks for the feedback re Brockley data. We're updating this now so expect some updates shortly. Thanks again! The Matchtea Team

Tamsin said...

@ Max A bit nearer - Kickboxing in the Telegraph Hill Centre Friday evenings.

And C for Croquet - there are three lawns at the Dulwich Sports Club which also accomodates for cricket, hockey, squash and tennis - and obviously has a bar. (and a Bonfire and Firework Display with barbecue and mulled wine on 3rd November). Unfortunately it's a pig to get to by public transport.

But great job, Matchtea.

max said...

Yes, great initiative indeed.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know Latin dancing is a sport. will it be at the next olympics? i suppose it's in brazil next time around so it could be.

Tamsin said...

Well, in the absence of a local Lacrosse team...

Unknown said...

I'm planning on coming along tomorrow, good to hear there's a range of abilities!

Roger said...

Lewisham Cyclists organise rides - and co-ordinate with other local groups. See

Anonymous said...

Nick, the large 'No Cycling' warnings in the Lower Park should provide a bit of a clue about whether skating / rollerblading / roller-skating / etc is permitted in Telegraph Hill's Lower Park outside of the Skate Park.

If you are wondering why those warnings are there, it is worth finding out about the child who died in the park back in 1990 while on a BMX.

Alternatively, talk to some of the local parents of young children who have already been clattered into by kids and teens zooming down the high incline slope, at speeds of around 20 mph.

jez said...

Wish there was some local u for ultimate frisbee.

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