New bike racks for Crofton Park

Lucy tweets: "They're installing bike stands at Crofton Park station as I type."

That is all.


Anonymous said...

Boris bikes would be nice!

Brockley Nick said...

You posted that within about 5 seconds of the article being published. Impressive.

Roger said...

I must go and have a look. I've never seen these racks full and a better place to install stands would be near key shops such as the Post Office as well as the other side of the road. Anyone hears about the replacement stands at Brockley Station? The shelter and stands were removed earlier this year (it cost approx £12k to install them originally by the council, needed groundworks) but TfL soon took them out. I am told new ones (over 20) will go in soon but need to be located sympathetically hopefully liaising with Brockley X group.

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