The 21st Century Light Space Modulator

For the last few months, BC has been part of a team working on a project called The 21st Century Light Space Modulator - a lighting installation beneath Hungerford Bridge on the South Bank, created by Jason Bruges Studio and commissioned by our client Havells-Sylvania.

The illumination of the Barbarella-esque work - inspired by László Moholy-Nagy’s 1930’s work, Light Prop for an Electric Stage - has just taken place and you can go and have a play if you are down there, because the sculpture responds to the movements of passers-by. While you're there, try to imagine what could be done with creative lighting underneath the bridges on Mantle and Brockley Roads.

Anil Gupta, CEO of Havells Sylvania, said: “When you combine light with world-class design, it can have a transformative impact on people’s everyday experience – whether that’s under a bridge, in a cultural institution such as the Louvre, or in hotels, commercial offices or schools. It’s this principle that Havells Sylvania wanted to bring to life through our partnership with Jason Bruges and the Southbank Centre.”

The 21st Century Light Space Modulator will be in-situ under Hungerford Bridge at Southbank Centre until 1st November 2012, before going on exhibition from the 14th November 2012 at the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).


AliAliAfro said...

Could someone with more imagination/connections than me propose how we can get a cool light installation under the bridge at Brockley Cross. Its been mentioned plenty of times and seems to be a popular improvement idea. A few thoughts:

- The council would have to pay for the ongoing electricity costs so we'd need buy in from them.
- Someone would have to design it Artistically. Any takers?
- Someone would have to design it
practically i.e. electrics and structure etc Any takers?
- I am more than happy to help with the submission of the planning / building control application.
- Finally we'd need some money from somewhere - If ever BC could be used to promote a popular cause then (Brockley Max excepted) this is it.

So who organises stuff like this? Lets make it happen.

All those in favour say "Badger". (Brockley comes from 'Brock' - the old word for electric neon Badger mural) ;-)

AAA said...

PS Nick - I'm viewing on chrome and some random hyperlinks have been added to certain words within my post ("installation" and "application"). I didn't put them in - does Blogger do that?

AAA said...

PPS Ignore last post - virus on friends computer...

BreakspearsEagle said...

I think the funding is the key question.

There was an application for a mural at the last assembly but it didn't get enough votes to get funding.

With the cut in the assembly budget this was probably the best chance so it seems unlikely that this will be a source of funding in the future.

However, hopefully, the developers of the Brockley Park Cars site can be used as a source of funding through a section 106.

AAA said...

Thanks BreakespearsEagle.

What a shame - I would have voted for the mural if I had known about it...

Good idea on the Section 106 - I wonder if it is too late to propose this to the planners...

BreakspearsEagle said...

I think it already was part of Brockley Cross action Group/Brockley Society's submission (to replace the ones that are going to have to be removed by the station)

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