New Cross Bond: Fried Chicken Licken

Psychologist: I'm going to say a word, and I want you to say the first words that come into your head. Country? 
Bond: Greater Brockley. 
Psychologist: Machete?
Bond: Wheelie bin
Psychologist: Agent? 
Bond: Come the Revolution 
Psychologist: Murder? 
Bond: Rush hour on the East London Line 
Psychologist: Skyfall? [silence] Skyfall?
Bond: New Cross
- Skyfall

Bond is back. In South East London. After crashing on the roof of the O2 in The World is Not Enough, he can be seen driving around in New Cross and Deptford in Skyfall, out this weekend.


Tamsin said...

Whatever you think of the Top Gear team, their special next Monday on 50 years of Bond cars looks interesting.

Anonymous said...

Yes saw the movie today and sure enough you see Bond driving down the New Cross Road past the New Cross Inn with M in the back seat.

Anonymous said...

The on-set catering was provided by Top Chef

Anonymous said...

Best bond Eva, it's the SE Ldn thing wot made it.

discoaddict said...

He comes out of the garage under the arches round the corner from us and then turns right under the bridge on Arklow Rd, next scene is down New Cross high st. awesome. Got a couple of photos of the light they used to light up the building on the corner

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