Brockley: Life Changing

To celebrate 20 years of Lotto, the National Lottery ads are focused on giving people "a taste of what life as a lottery millionaire could be like". In this regard at least, their latest campaign, predominantly filmed in and around Hilly Fields, makes sense: Win the Lotto and help yourselves to a slice of the Brockley dream. Perhaps it's a biting satire about the state of the London housing market.

But the ad is also subliminally delivering a far more subversive idea: To live in Brockley is to have won first prize in the lottery of life.* To find true happiness, abandon your Wolf of Wall Street fantasies and live as the people of Brockley do. Happiness is a warm badger. Sod the Lottery.

*Despite staying in and watching Take Me Out and Take Me Out The Gossip on Saturday night, we've not actually seen the ad and can't find it online, but we imagine that's the gist.