Offies angels

Congratulations to The Brockley Jack Theatre team for a double-award-winning performance in this year's Offies vote. Not telling us anything we don't already know, but it's nice to be reminded that we have a real gem in our midst.


Tamsin said...

But they aren't the current management really just the pub that is attached to the Theatre? The one time we actually wanted them to relate to what was going on next door, i.e. provide something - anything - to eat before the show starting in just under an hours time, they were insisting on dealing with everything in strict order and would not even offer a bowl of soup and bread roll. Not clever - we were left cross, hungry and with a large glass of over-priced wine to get through - although we were seriously contemplating abandoning it to go in search of a chip shop. Although I will be the first to admit that this was a year or so back and maybe they have improved the integration now.
On the other hand, nothing can undo what they've done with the "books" on display. When we went back (because the theatre side do interesting shows - the double Midsummer Night's Dream was brilliant) I saw one which I thought looked interesting to dip into while waiting and they are all glued together! Sacrilege - worse than burning them! And if they are worried by petty pilfering there are enough second hand books washing around for nothing (got a cellar-full at work - see SE Central posts) for this not to be an issue. But I otherwise do like the comfy sofas and general ambience.

Mark said...

Well the award was for best bar, voted by theatregoers. Whether or not I am have attended a performance I have always got quick service. When they were busy, they warned me. Even so they still beat their target time. And I have been asked upfront, are you attending tonight's performance. You just caught them on a bad night.

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