Speed Dating at the Curlew Rowing Club

This is a little out of Brockley's sphere of influence, but it is a slow news day, it's one of the closest options if you want to take up this particular sport and BC used to go to their neighbours, the Globe Rowing Club. So... Speed Dating at the Curlew Rowing Club in Greenwich! Tiffany writes:

Curlew Rowing Club in Greenwich is hosting a speed dating evening at the riverside clubhouse in Greenwich on 19 February. 

It is £15 and includes a welcome drink and canap├ęs. If you wouldn't mind putting a message in the Brockley central or retweeting it for us. More details and booking form can be found here bit.ly/SportySpeedDating

Rowing is physically the hardest sport we've ever tried, so if you want to date people who can keep going until they vomit, have the willpower to stare at someone's sweaty back for hours at a time and have bags of energy first thing in the morning, then this event is for you!


joe said...

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