New house planned for Cranfield Road

Not the project in question, but a bit like it - Slip House in Brixton
A local family is hoping to convert three garages on Cranfield Road into a new house, inspired by Slip House in Brixton (above). Friend o' BC Richard went along to a public consultation today and reports back:

"Speaking to the family they bought the garages just under ten years ago. It sounds like there is some form of covenant / financial clause on the land which means it isn't possible / financially worth them building on the land until that ends. The father said they wouldn't be submitting a planning application before September.

"The house has been designed by Carl Turner Architects and looks very similar to their Slip House in Brixton that was on Grand Designs a few years ago (they even had pictures of the Grand Designs house in the Scout Hut):

"It looked to be a slightly unusual layout. There was a basement and roof terrace. On the ground floor was a studio, there were two living floors each with the kitchen and then a shared bedroom floor. It looked to be a tiny bit higher than the neighbouring houses, but not much. The basement room wasn't labeled with a use.

"They said the BrocSoc had written a letter of endorsement and suggested some wider consultation hence today."


Old Badger said...

Not convinced a big grey block looming over the neighbourhood tallies exactly with the idea of a conservation area. Wonder what the neighbours make of it?

Brockley Nick said...

Personally, I like it. And I think the point of a conservation area is to preserve the character of what already exists (stopping fine old houses being covered in pebble dash or wotnot) rather than preventing good modern architecture being deployed.

RomyJ said...

I really like it. I only wish that something like this could be proposed for 1-1a Brockley Cross.

anon said...

I do not think they should get parking. Cranfield road is already short...

box city said...

It looks like a few shipping containers bolted together.

brockley fan said...

love it! Hope they get permission.

Shed said...

Isn't Cranfield Road unrestricted for parking?

Anon said...

So that's what's happened to the Meze Mangal sea container.

Headhunter said...

Pretty damn ugly. Looks like a bunch of those plastic storage drawers you get from Muji stacked up on each other. It may be "architect designed" etc etc but it still looks like storage containers.... Can we not do better than this?

anon said...

I love it! Some nice modern architecture for the area

Tamsin said...

But that's the nub of it - "good" modern architecture... About which one would never get agreement.

JRG said...

Please enlighten me as to how this preserves or enhances the character and appearance of the area?

It needs to be looked at beyond the architecture. The architecture is fine, but combined with the proposed location it is a misfit. The fact the building was originally designed for another location in Brixton shows that it hasn't really been designed with the conservation area in which it is to be placed in mind.

Such impactful architecture is more suited to areas of decline and regeneration where bold architecture can uplift and change the dynamics of the environment. The is at odds with the preservation and enhancing requirements of a conservation area.

The notion of a 'conservation area' is not just about conservation of the existing buildings. It goes beyond that including:

- the historic layout of property boundaries and thoroughfares
- relationships of buildings and spaces between them
- scale, form and detailing of buildings.
- characteristic materials
- a particular mix of uses
- quality of shop fronts, street furniture, hard and soft surfaces
- the topography, trees and open spaces.

The proposed location was never designed for a multi-storey home to be built on it. This would break the consistent layout and spaces between the existing buildings. Further, the other properties there are set back from the road, which this plot does not afford. This would clutter and change the dynamics of the immediate area and this architecture would stick out and overshadow the consistent Victorian properties on the same road as well as the beautiful St Peters church.

I am all for good contemporary architecture, just in the right location.

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