New house planned for Cranfield Road

Not the project in question, but a bit like it - Slip House in Brixton
A local family is hoping to convert three garages on Cranfield Road into a new house, inspired by Slip House in Brixton (above). Friend o' BC Richard went along to a public consultation today and reports back:

"Speaking to the family they bought the garages just under ten years ago. It sounds like there is some form of covenant / financial clause on the land which means it isn't possible / financially worth them building on the land until that ends. The father said they wouldn't be submitting a planning application before September.

"The house has been designed by Carl Turner Architects and looks very similar to their Slip House in Brixton that was on Grand Designs a few years ago (they even had pictures of the Grand Designs house in the Scout Hut):

"It looked to be a slightly unusual layout. There was a basement and roof terrace. On the ground floor was a studio, there were two living floors each with the kitchen and then a shared bedroom floor. It looked to be a tiny bit higher than the neighbouring houses, but not much. The basement room wasn't labeled with a use.

"They said the BrocSoc had written a letter of endorsement and suggested some wider consultation hence today."