Prendergast governors vote for Academy status

The Board of Governors at the Prendergast federation of schools yesterday voted to apply for Academy status. There are three local schools within the federation: Hilly Fields, Ladywell Fields and The Vale.

The vote prompted a protest by some students in support of a teachers' strike.


Sammy P said...

Teachers at the schools are very concerned about these proposals. The documentation that has been made available to staff and parents states that the LEA believes that this is a distraction from the real matter at hand which should be a focus on raising achievement at Ladywell Fields. There is also mention of the possibility of these three schools being just the start of a Leathersellers chain: it seems to many of us that this is an attempt to fulfill ambitions that have little to do with what is best for our schools or for our students.

PeoplesAssemblySEL said...

We're moving towards an era of all schools as businesses.

Good to see the young people's passion and energy there though.

Anon said...

As education establishments Lewisham schools aren't to good are they, and maybe the People's Army need reminding it was a state school, Grinling Gibbons, that has had all results for maths, grammar, punctuation and spelling have been annulled.

Rather than blaming and pointing their fingers at everyone else maybe the People's Revolution Army should realise they only have all the answers and are always right because they are not in power.

Joe said...

How exactly does academy status make a school a business?

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