Tower House to be redeveloped

Another piece of the Lewisham jigsaw is the target for redevelopment. Tower House, which has Europe's largest police station abutting it and has variously housed a Yates' Wine Lodge, three kinds of gym and an adult learning centre, is the next major building to be proposed for a residential conversion.

A consultation has been launched and developers say:

Tower House is a distinctive local landmark with a striking art deco facade; but has long been neglected, subject to unsympathetic alterations, and is currently under-occupied. MHA Associates are bringing forward plans to rejuvenate this building and would like to invite you to exhibitions of the evolving proposals.

We plan to rejuvenate this building through:

- A sympathetic restoration of the historic building frontage: the period features will be repaired and preserved
- The creation of a new street front: the ground floor facade will be brought forward to the pavement, bringing new life to the north side of the High Street
- An extension of the building: providing new housing

The current building is in a sorry state, so hopefully they aim to do this properly. More residential in central Lewisham is welcome, so long as they take the search for a suitable ground floor commercial tenant seriously.

Thanks to Sophie for sharing.