Lewisham's Baby Cafes at risk from defunding

A petition has been launched to save Lewisham's Baby Cafes from being defunded by Lewisham Council.

There are nine baby breastfeeding cafes in Lewisham, which provide post-natal support for mothers who want help with breastfeeding. The health benefits of breastfeeding occur in the first weeks following a child's birth, which is also the time when new parents can feel isolated and overwhelmed. These centres are there to help at that time.

To be sure, Lewisham Council faces some very hard choices about funding in order to find savings to bridge an £85 million funding gap. When many vital front-line services are at risk, it is harder to make a case for projects like these, but supporters point out that the cost of running these facilities are minimal, since they are run by volunteers.

Lewisham Council will make its decision on Wednesday.