Oscar nomination for Honor Oak team

Honor Oak production company Grain Media is the only British nominee for the 2015 Best Documentary Oscar, earning their place with their film Virunga, which tells the story of Gorilla conservationists in war-torn Congo. Live for Films reports:

Grain Media was established in 2006 by two South Londoners – Jon Drever and Orlando von Einsiedel. The pair are not typical of established film producers; Jon used to make skateboard films and Orlando was a pro-snowboarder. They now find themselves nominated for an Academy Award for their critically acclaimed film, Virunga, and are about to release Britain’s first superhero rom-com, SuperBob.

SuperBob takes the conceit of John Cleese's comic "Superman: True Brit" - what if the world's most powerful superhero was British? - and hopefully does it a lot better.

Thanks to Scott for the tip-off.


Barney said...

I sincerely hope that SuperBob is better than Virunga is - the latter is a totally biased puff piece for the WWF that plays on emotions and heart strings, completely mis-represents facts, and omits details for the purpose of furthering an agenda.
It's a shame that the WWF publicity machine is so efficient - more questions should be asked about what their agenda is, and where their funding comes from.

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