Lewisham one of the least hygienic places in the UK

Lewisham leads the way in more than one kind of sick filth. Which? has produced a map of the UK, based on data from the Food Standards Agency and finds that Lewisham's local food businesses are among the least hygienic in the country, ranked 396th out of 398 areas nationwide. Which? explains:

All food businesses should be inspected to check that they meet hygiene requirements. The Food Standards Agency coordinates enforcement activity by Local Authorities in the UK.

This map displays data from the food hygiene enforcement activity for each Local Authority in the UK, reflecting:
  • The percentage of high to medium risk food establishments (i.e. A,B,C) compliant with hygiene law
  • The proportion of rated food premises in the area and
  • The percentage of planned interventions that were carried out
London generally does pretty badly, in part thanks to the density of food outlets in the capital. Nonetheless, it's a pretty disgusting performance by Lewisham. Thanks to Katy for the heads-up.