We've come a long way, kebaby

The final piece of the jigsaw is at last in place. Consistently excellent Brockley restaurant, Meze Mangal, finally looks as good as it tastes.

Once upon a time it looked like this and BC moaned about it and some people said we were a frightful snob for daring to dream of a time when you didn't have to negotiate a rusty hulk and a muddy puddle to go inside:

Today, it looks like this and everything, not least Lewisham Way, is the better for it:
With thanks to Mike Hills for the photo.


scared@reality.org.uk said...

Has next door meanwhile downgraded to a squat?

Woman of Brockley said...

That's good. The food is absolutely excellent and has been crying out for a better exterior to pull the casual punters in - if they can get a table.

Headhunter said...

Good on them for finally smartening things up!

Mylo N'Don said...

Massive who

Mylo N'Don said...

Massive who gives a shit. It's been selling fantastic food for decades, but until they have satisfactory frontage they're just a disgrace.

Negotiating a rusty hulk, ffs. Way to dramatize being near a skip.

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