Brockley MAX: Hilly Fields tonight

Below is the final line-up for the Marquee of Moonbow at Hilly Fields, the first of three nights in the park, which will close the festival. Thanks for all your reports from events happening across Brockley, it's clear that this has already been a great year for the MAX.

Funds have been tight, but in terms of return on investment, we can't think of a better way to use the locality funds. Hundreds of pounds of public money invested in the MAX must have generated tens of thousands of pounds of ecconomic activity in Brockley and engaged huge swathes of the local community. Sadly, one of the most popular features in recent years - the Hily Fields fireworks - won't be happening this year as funding was not available. Hopefully, that can be put right next year.


17.45-18.15 Film Band - First Set

18.15-18.30 DJ Saffrolla warm up set

18.30-19.15 Poetry - Jazzman John Clarke // Daniel Maitland // MC Isabel // David Bottomley // Ronnie McGrath // Kathryn Oreilly

19.15-19.45 Film Band - Second Set

19.45-20.00 DJ Saffrolla

20.00-20.40 Poetry - Second Set

Jazzman John Clarke // Joe Duggan // MC Isabel // David Bottomley // Ronnie McGrath // Kathryn O'Reilly Comedy Set

Jessica Fostekew // George Ryegold // Rosie Wilby // Nick Helm

22.20-23.00 DJ Saffrolla


Anonymous said...

Are there any local shops that we can buy fireworks from, well sparklers anyway?

Brockley Kate said...

I'll be heading down there this evening for a bit, if anyone's around for a drink?

Anonymous said...

Being the 'firework objector' I have looked at the greying skies with a mixture of feelings.

Anonymous said...

Its not Brockley if there isn't someone objecting to something.

Anonymous said...

In Ladywell we are more tolerant

Richard said...

John will be encouraging anyone on Hillyfields to head to Jam Circus or the Wickham Arms once the marquee is finished - we're both open til 2am. JC has two great bands, Damyan and Vall, playing from 9 - 11ish and our very own Martin will be DJing to finish the night.

Also look out for Sunday evening at JC after the marquee - exciting plans

Richard said...

PS If there is anybody who could help with a little sound engineering tonight it would be greatly appreciated. Just fiddling with levels etc, equipment is set up

Anonymous said...

Shame about the weather

Richard said...

Big shame about the weather but most of the Hillyfields goings on will be in the marquee - dry and more fun than sitting in the living room looking out at the rain!

Anonymous said...

Oh no, all the fireworks will get wet

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