Brockley Assembly helps Coulgate Street pedestrianisation plan take a step forward [UPDATED]

Last week's Brockley Assembly voted to investigate the feasibility of the part-pedestrianisation of Coulgate Street.

Part (rather than full)-pedestrianisation is the preferred option because of the mix of retail and residential uses on the street and because of the desire to provide reasonable car access to the station itself. However, there was broad support for creating a new layout and surface, which would give much greater priority to pedestrians, creating a more pleasant space adjacent to the new-look Brockley Common, acting as a green gateway in to Brockley.

Part-pedestrianisation could involve restricting cars only at certain points on the road or at certain times of day. Ideally, the scheme would involve creating a shared surface, relandscaped with new paving, layout and planting.

We've asked Cllr Walton for the form of words used on the motion, but Assembly-level support means that the Council will conduct a feasibility study, which is a vital step in its implementation.


UPDATE: Amanda, a BC regular who attended the meeting adds her report:

I think the assembly process is maturing and is coming into it's own. It was very good turn out, at least 50 people from across the ward, good given that there were two very attractive events competing for locals attention from the max that evening.

The format was straightforward; there was series of ideas that sought money from the Mayors fund - 50k. They ideas were briefly presented by locals or outlined by councillors Darren Johnson. People sat at the tables the raised hands and asked questions about the feasibility and practicality of the ideas they were answered and then there was vote. People raised hands whether they for, against or further investigation of the ideas.

The ideas:

Clay awareness project an artist project on clay linked into 2012.

Deep street Cleaning - select an area that requires the attention of the council cleaning team.

Community Allotment - choose where to locate

Pavement replacement- intially this seemed a bit boring, but the idea was to incorporate themed design in certain pavements that could be part of a treasure/tourist trail hunt. It's happened successfully in northern towns.

The talk went onto the state of pavements being a responsiblity that the council/highways should be taking care of anyway, so seperate from this fund application. A chap on my table raised the issue of having to walk round the local streets with his back doubled to avoid the low hanging trees and the bumpy tarmac being a trip hazard because of bulging roots. He cited Manor Avenue between Ashby and another road as being particularly bad for this.

Also there was an idea a Colour theme day in Luxmore Gardens, for the people that live around there. Intitally the proposer described it as "The Big Orange day" and most of the questioned were about: Why orange, the colour has political and commerical implications that some thought were a deal maker. The were general support for the idea but with further investigation centered choosing another colour.

Most of the ideas were supported or there was a request for further investigation. Loads more was said such as the pedestrianisation of coulgate proposal, but someone else might want to summarise that.