And the walls came tumbling down

Those of you who have followed the long saga of the tumbledown wall on the corner of Wickham Rd and Cranfield Rd will, we hope, be gripped by the latest dramatic instalment in the story.

The wall partially collapsed last spring, and has remained derelict since - although after some months of BC's whingeing the council's PFI contractors (who are responsible for the site) put up some white boarding to block the gap.

And there the matter rested for many months.

With spring comes fresh hope, and action. But unfortunately it's not exactly the kind of action we'd hoped for.

Workmen are, as BC types, demolishing the remaining standing sections of wall. We hope and pray that this is a prelude to re-building the entire wall, but frankly given the way things have gone so far, we can't be sure. We have of course asked Lewisham Council what's going on, and will keep you posted if they get back to us.

In the meantime, enjoy the remaining wall while you can.

Edit (10/6/09): Our contact at Lewisham Council has been in touch to say that PFI contractor Equipe is taking the whole wall down in order to re-build it using a mix of existing cleaned bricks and some new ones. Sounds like good news to us!