Hilly Fields: State of Play

On Saturday, The Hilly Fields User Group showed-off their plans to remodel the dated playground at the top of the park. As you can see from this visual, the new park would constitute a radical and positive change, compared with the existing facilities. The idea of blending play with wildlife habitat is a great one.

Polly explains:

Here's the latest version of the playground plans. It will of course get some small changes and reworking as it is developed. We had a steady stream of people on Saturday coming to look at the plans and give their feedback, which was all positive.

To summarise, the key aims for WILD ABOUT PLAY, as the project has been named, are to:

1. Introduce landscape features from the park eg meadow and native planting into the play area
2. Create a space that changes with the seasons and where children are close to nature
3. Improve the biodiversity of park whilst encouraging close contact with nature as part of the play experience
4. Extend the use of playground to all age groups, particularly toddlers and the over 8s, creating a setting that allows children of all ages and abilities to play together
5. Create inclusive play experience welcoming for all children and their carers and parents.
6. Develop the sloping site with natural features and integrated equipment eg bridges, stepping logs, sand and water play ,etc
7. Work with local schools including the special schools to make artwork for use in the area possibly based on wildlife in park
8. Include local schools and environmental education staff at Lewisham Council to discuss planting and undertake community planting projects for area
9. Provide flexible space: storydeck / platform / stage for nursery groups or classes to use