Mock Brockley

Local film-maker Fred Rowson is planning a mockumentary film set in and around Brockley. We can't decide which is a better name for it: a Brockumentary or a Mockley.

The plot is Hancock meets Kick-Ass meets Mayor Bullock, as a "would-be Lewisham hero, with no powers has decided to quit. The film is about his last week on the job."

He is keen to involve some BC readers in its production and has asked whether any of you would like to volunteer to play a few roles.

In particular he's looking for:

"A cornershop/cornershop owner who wouldn't mind playing him/herself, some sort of local youth group, with members sort of 16 - 20ish, male and female, who would be interested in getting involved with a couple of reasonably big parts, and some smaller parts. No acting experience strictly necessary and, to some extent, the less the better. Would be a good opportunity to get people of that age involved in filmmaking. Beyond that, I'm also looking for a middle aged man, and, importantly, various abandoned buildings/alleys/backyards in any and all states of dilapidation that the owners wouldn't mind us taking over for the afternoon.

"The dates are, roughly, between the 10th and the 16th of August, and reasonably flexible (especially in exigent circumstances)."

If you're wondering whether Fred is worthy of your dramatic talents, then check out some excerpts of his recent work, 'The King of Deptford Creek' here.

If you're interested, please email us at the usual address [] and we'll pass on your details.