Brockley Cross Crisis Point, Day 2

We're attempting to 'do a Daily Telegraph' with this story - ie: drip-feeding horrendous revelations on a daily basis until the public horror and outrage becomes so great that only complete reform will sate the clamour for change.

So here's another picture taken yesterday of Brockley Cross, following yesterday's pile-up. In this instance, you can see a little car owned by the plumbing office in Brockley Cross perched on the pavement for no good reason (it wasn't loading or unloading, it was there for several hours). But look beyond that and past the maroon van trying to negotiate the farcical double roundabout and you can see the self-hire removal van, owned by another Brockley Cross business, hogging the pavement on the far side.

The pavements of Brockley Cross are regularly used as overflow parking - it must stop.

Cllr Walton has already joined in the debate on the other thread, pledging to see what can be done to enforce parking regulations in the area. Thanks for his contribution, we'll be following this up.