Dedication's what you need

For two decades, elaborately-constructed domino rallies were the only things that sustained the viewing figures of Record Breakers. Since the programme's demise in 2001, there have been criminally few mainstream vehicles for the art. BC reader Clare aims to help put that right. She says:

As a longtime lurker on the site, I wonder if I can ask you to put up a note about this event being run by Station House Opera and Toynbee Arts?

Fancy building a giant Domino rally? As joint winners of the Bank of America Create Art Award, Station House Opera are creating a giant 10-mile breeze block domino rally across East and South East London on 26 July, and are looking for volunteers to help us do it!

The Station House Opera website explains:

"[The project] links the five ‘host’ boroughs of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, taking as its starting point the simplest of ideas… a line of dominoes.

"On Sunday 26th July, thousands of concrete blocks will be used to create a moving sculpture along a 15-kilometre route, unfolding over the course of the day.

"Beginning in Newham, the starting ceremony will see a structure of hundreds of blocks brought to life by a group of performers: changing, shifting and eventually setting in motion the slow toppling of blocks on their journey."

We're asking people, either in groups or individually, to give up around four hours to help lay out, topple and then collect up the blocks. An e-flyer for Dominoes volunteering can be found here...

After marshalling and clearing away their section of the route, all participants will receive invitations to our private party in Greenwich on the evening of the event, hosted by Bank of America and CREATE09. Sign up now to get your invite to the biggest after party in East London.

Hope you can help and that fellow Brockley residents are interested!

Opponents of the Lewisham Gateway redevelopment might argue that stacking giant breeze blocks next to one another through Lewisham town centre is the kind of follie that is soon to be replicated on a bigger scale. But as we're not one of its critics, we're happy to enjoy the dominoes for their own sake.