Lewisham College move postponed

Lewisham College's ambitious expansion plans, which involve relocating from its Lewisham Way location to a new site in Deptford, have had to be postponed.

According to this report, Lewisham College is one of nine London education institutions to miss out as a result of the Learning and Skills Council reassessing how much money it has available to spend on capital investment projects.

The plans would have freed the Lewisham Way site for redevelopment, with a mixed-residential plan the most likely outcome.

Lewisham College will have to reapply in the next funding round in 2011-12. The Lewisham Way site will remain open until further notice.

Thanks to Max Calo for highlighting the article.

[Note: Brockley Nick here. In the interests of transparency, I should declare an interest in this story. One of my company's clients in my day job is the Learning and Skills Council, for whom we help to promote the value of training to SMEs. I am not involved with capital funding, however.]


Anonymous said...

well, perhaps good that a source for the failure is highlighted and dealt with:

"Mistakes were made by the Learning and Skills Council in carrying out the further education Capital programme."

Normally these thing are hidden in bureaucracy.

Hugh said...

Where is the Murray thread? Get it sorted, lad.

Anon a mouse! said...

No point Hugh we all know that Murray will reach the final only to put up a brave fight and get beaten by Federer......

tennis elbow said...

there is a strong link between Murray and Ladywell/Brockley - there are tennis courts on Hilly Fields and tennis is played there.

T1 said...

The failures of the Learning and Skills Council are enormous.

Massive, massive Fail - they told colleges around the country to apply for capital projects, approved lots of them, and then realised they didn't have the money for half of them.

There was a very good R4 documentary about this a week or so back.

This Fail ranks up there with the NHS IT project Fail.

Oh, and these are the government's real fails in the last year or two. The type that the media can't be bothered to tell you about. Only several billion pounds wasted.

Brockley Nick said...

To be fair, the media did cover this issue quite a bit - for example, that Radio 4 documentary you cited!

Tressillian James said...

I'm glad it is staying actually and not being transformed into homes we dont need.

T1 said...

to be fair nick the Fail of the LSC and the Fail of the NHS IT projects should (like the MoD Fails of recent years) be on the front page of newspapers for day after day until they stop wasting billions.

In reality we get drivel about MPs' expenses.

PfkaG said...

Agree with Tom about MP's expenses being a drop-in-the-ocean, and a side-issue compared to failed govt projects.

(btw - did I spot BC's very own Hugh dispensing advice to wannabe solicitors in the Times comments yesterday?)

Comment said...

I had heard this story before but had thought Lewisham College wouldn't be affected. I am neutral about the move.

My perception of the Learning and Skills Council, putting this massive mistake with the buildings programme aside, is of a well meaning but inefficient and thus ultimately unhelpful organisation.

It requires a strategic overhaul and frankly I feel privatisation would be best. It's a structurally unfocussed organisation. It has competing priorities so in order to get anything done, fundamental compromises have to be made and this affects outcomes.

“Our strategy is designed to work with the groups we view as our main customers – employers, young people, adults, and the colleges and other providers of education and training we fund.”

Plus juggle the agenda of the political paymasters.

This organisation received £11.4 billion in 2007-8 from the taxpayer.

Comment said...

It's being abolished in 2010 anyway. Good. However there are problems...

Anonymous said...

The South London Press reports was a £175m project of which the Learing and Skills Council would have provided £110m.

How could they get the sums so wrong...but it gets worse...

Of 144 colleges only 13 will know actually get any cash.

This has been put down to 'poor management'.

I can understand a small number of projects being dropped but in this case there was not funding for 92% of the proposed schemes.

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