Euro Election Fever! Who's Winning the Spin War?

If she wants a PR War, then she can have a PR War... I'll Mandelson her! Nobody wanted New Labour, Jeremy, but now we all know how it works.
- Mark, Peep Show

A conversation has started up on another thread about which parties have been most active in Brockley in search of our votes on Thursday, so we thought we'd give it its own home.

Brockley Central has not received any political leaflets during the campaign, although we are regularly contacted by our Green Councillors. With the exception of Heidi Alexander, the Greens are the only ones who've ever bothered with the blog.

Of course, we have also seen the daft posters by the Christian Party in Brockley. Um, that's it!


Anonymous said...

do you really want to do this?

patrick1971 said...

Just come back from a week in Germany and the contrast was striking. There were posters up everywhere advertising the election, all around Alexanderplatz in Berlin right through to the smallest village on Rugen Island. You couldn't miss the fact that it was happening, and the population seemed to take it very seriously.

I've had personally addressed material from both Lib Dems and Conservatives (nothing from Labour so far). Saw a woman at Ladywell station this morning calling out "vote to stop the racist BNP" (would she have been in favour of a non-racist BNP, I wondered?) but I couldn't see which party she was representing.

Anonymous said...

Only the Greens and UKIP appear to want my vote.
And the Christian chap on the posters, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Jacqui smith has just quit.

Tressilliana said...

Not according to the BBC, which reports that Downing St says this is speculation.

Tressilliana said...

...but ten minutes later the BBC is reporting that there will be a cabinet re-shuffle this week and she will stand down.

Deckchairs, Titanic.

Tyrwhitt Michael said...

I must be lucky in Tyrwhitt Road I've material personally addressed from

and posted through the letter box from

Chritian Alliance
Lib Dems
and a flyer on my car windscreen from an independent.

Still feel like spoiling my paper as a protest against expenses but that might let BNP in so I will still vote for someone.

Just need to decide who?
Decisions decisions...........

tyrwhitt ali said...

Funnily enough, elsewhere on Tyrwhitt Road I've only had personally addressed mail from the Conservatives, a flyer from the Greens and an independent named Jan.

I'll definitely be voting but then I always do.

Anonymous said...

I got a stamped addressed letter from Acorn asking me if I wanted to let my property

John S said...

If it helps anyone make up their mind there is a helpful 'profiler' on the following link which takes into account the parties' position on various issues and then indicates which party most closely matches your views - it is weighted too so it's pretty accurate. The whole thing takes about 5 mins:

mintness said...

I was lying in the other thread - we've had one leaflet through the door after all (UKIP), it just got swallowed up in the mass of News Shoppers.

And there was someone megaphoning and handing out anti-BNP leaflets by the Lewisham Centre on Saturday. I didn't bother to find out whom they were representing since it's only the bloody Europeans - unlike last time when Paddick was such a waste of space, I'll vote along national party lines and be done with it.

Now does anyone know if Myatt Garden Primary School is collecting Tesco/Sainsburys vouchers? Could be a decent opportunity to kill two birds with one stone on Thursday...

Anonymous said...

What annoys me is the complete lack of any campaigning by sny of the main parties on European issues- we keep being told how much power the EU has and how much it costs but not what any party actually plans to do a the EP. It is like voting in a Westminister election when the parties are only talking about local council issues and being asked to make your mind up about that.

Have only had a green poster

Most certainly Myatt Garden is collected Supermarket tokens- there is a lovely new reception area and a post box where you can drop off items like this. The School Fair is the 13th June and you could alsodrop in items suchas wine or chocolates for the raffle or good qality items such as books-

mintness said...

Excellent, that's good enough for me. Ta!

Bea said...

I suspect no one cares about the EU Parliamentary elections in the UK since it is a pretty toothless organisation. The real power is in the hands of the Council and the Commission.

Anonymous said...

I had a fantastic leaflet through the door urging us all to NOT VOTE FOR ANY ONE OF THEM!

Anonymous said...

Pretty much every household in Lewisham Deptford constituency (Brockley, Ladywell, Crofton Park, Telegraph Hill, New Cross, Evelyn and Lewisham Central) should have received at least 3 leaflets/newsletters from the Green Party since January: 1 Lewisham Green News earlier in the year and 2 election leaflets(one delivered by us, one by the Royal Mail under the freepost scheme available to all parties at this election). If you haven't, either our lovely band of volunteers have slipped up somehow, in which case apologies, Royal Mail haven't done what they were paid for, you live in a gated community such as One SE8 that we can't get into or your flatmate/neighbour/dog/cleaner/partner got to it first.

If you haven't received anything from us and would like us to drop a leaflet off to you tomorrow, let me know, and we'll pop one round to you Wednesday afternoon (within the Lewisham Deptford constituency). E-mail
Alternatively, you can download our manifesto, watch our broadcast etc here.

Headhunter said...

Gotta say, I don't remember seeing anything apart from the Green Party newspaper thing which comes through quite regularly anyway

Monkeyboy said...

Cameron has written an article that claims that PR will break the link between MP's and their constituency. The thing is I don't see our main stream parties giving a stuff about the local issues. It's all about Whitehall. Joan Ruddock is by no means the worst but I don't see the Cons/Lab/LibDems getting involved in the small but important local issues. The Greens do engage on forums like this, perhaps it's a cynical ploy to nab a few cheap votes? Or perhaps they do recognise that they are supposed to represent their constituents, not the party machine.

I'll be giving the Greens some (but not all!) my love this time round.

Anonymous said...

Is my vote cheapened if I give to to a Green Party representative?

veggiegirl said...

Thanks Sue, I haven't had anything specific from the Greens (on Wickham Road) & will check out that link.

I was surprised to get a personalised mailing from the Conservatives and slightly dismayed to get a BNP flyer. Nothing from anyone else.

The Cat Man said...

I got a green leaflet and a stamped, addressed glossy leaflet from the conservatives. I wonder, have they somehow found out I'm a higher tax payer? Scary stuff.

Oh, I also got a leaflet a few months ago from Joan ruddock saying 'welcome to the neighbourhood'... Better late than never I suppose, I've only been here 3 yrs..

Anonymous said...

Well I had a personalised letter from David Cameron welcoming me to the neighbourhood when I first moved in, and he explicitly stated that my vote was worth two of those of the people next door, because I was a higher rate tax payer.
It's so nice to have one's position in society recognised.

Monkeyboy said...

I've had a personally addressed money off coupon from Babur. Have they somehow found out that I'm a fat bastard? Scary stuff *tucks into another onion bhaji...*

max said...

In tory marginal seats you get David Cameron dressed as Siddhartha riding the Babur Tiger and welcoming you to the neighbourhood with an hand-written invitation for tea an buiscuits after the cricket.
High rate tax payer/dodger is a given.

Anonymous said...

Greens sending out leaflets printed on paper? Absolutely disgusting, I'm voting BNP. They're the only party that can keep Christian Voice out, dontchaknow?

Anonymous said...

Priddey is our poster girl!

After years of the Labour Party, and its ways, I voted Green last time. But now my money's on the Lib Dems.

Councillor Cathy Priddey hugely impressed residents in our street recently with her scrutiny of a planning issue that was really the introduction of a major business development into its core.

There was little sympathy for residents at the council and on this site.

Fortunately, at the Committee meeting, and during a site visit, Priddey conducted herself with the utmost respect and integrity. That's the operative word really 'integrity'.

I'm not saying the Greens don't have any, but Priddey, against all the odds and machinations of a whipped Labour Committee stood up against a bullying chairman and got the planning application booted out. She saved the street.

Chairman Paschoud, a correct moniker if ever, seemed thunderstuck by Priddey's challenges 'to him'.

Councllior Muldoon, hiding the lash marks on his back, behaved just like a Labour muppet and voted for the development! It was Priddey, aided by Sue Luxton, who won the day against these popinjays. (So maybe it was all down to girl power.)

I had viewed Councillor John Paschoud's Facebook prior to committee where he actually had Priddey listed amongst 'friends'. The day after she had the application he so obviously wanted thrown out she was dropped from it.

Priddey amazing!

Anonymous said...

anon 03 June 2009 08:04 :

are you Councillor Priddey?

Tressilliana said...

Update: yesterday we had some sort of promotional booklet through the door with various loose fliers inside. Usually those go straight into the recycling but this time we glanced at them first and lo! there were several election fliers there, so my updated tally is:

Tories 1
Labour 1
LibDem 1
Greens 2, I think - 1 hand-delivered by Sue, who is the only canvasser we've had
Independent (pro-Tamil) 1 (forget hers yesterday)
Christian Alliance 1 (I think)

There's a fascinating survey here of lots of the parties with candidates:

The Peace Party 'renounces war entirely and is determined to work for the removal of all causes of war'. Start with the easy stuff, eh?

Anonymous said...

Can you now tot up the pizza leaflets Tressi? They are more likely to be honest about the look, if not the taste, of their product.

Tressilliana said...

When I come to power*, Anon, I plan to ban fast food leaflets. 99% of them must go straight into the recycling or, worse, the bin, with a good many of those first spending a bit of time blowing about in the street.

*We can all dream.

Anonymous said...

Not only too many fliers,probably 8 out of 10 people dont read them anyway

drakefell debaser said...

I have received flyers from all mainstream parties except labour. I also received one bnp and one christian party leaflet and a few flyers for spiritual healing from the local whack pot guru, I forget his name but he probably has more mileage in him than the christian democrats. Rather disappointed I haven't been sent a NO2EU flyer from Bob Crows lot, then again it would be poetic justice if his volunteers have decided to go on strike.

Tamsin said...

Isn't "Tressi" that rather spooky doll from the 60s whose hair would "grow" if you pressed a button in her back or something?

Anonymous said...

Sorry Tamsin, didn't grow up with dolls, and am still resisting their charms.

Headhunter said...

Good point about the pizza and fried chicken flyers. If political parties reached some agreement with the guys who deliver those, they would have no problems with their distribution, forget the Royal Mail. I don't remember the last time I got home and there WASN'T a pizza takeaway or fried chicken leaflet on my doormat. I can see it now, the Green Party manifesto delivered and sponsored by Chav Fried Chicken....

Anonymous said...

I've already voted as I have a postal ballot. It was interesting to see how many independents there are this time - hoping to sweep up the vote of the disaffected.

I, like a lot of people, don't want to vote for one of the main parties as I'm pretty much disgusted by them all - and as a protest am giving my vote to a deserving independent, in the hope that they will be encouraged and get their deposit back.

I chose Stephen Cheung, after reading this on a quick roundup of the candidates:

Steven Cheung is one of the youngest candidates ever to stand for European Election. He has a campaign website and is on Twitter. He is the London 2012 Olympic Youth Ambassador for Waltham Forest.

At least he has probably never fiddled his expenses, having just left school.

John ex-moonbow said...

With all the negativity around politics at the moment I think it is important to also note areas of success! The Brockley Max would not have happened without Steve Bullock, the Mayor, pulling out all the stops and the ward councillors support throughout the year. Thanks

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