Lewisham: Conservation areas at risk

English Heritage has published a list of conservation areas around the country which it considers to be under threat. The good news for Brockley - we're not on it. The bad news for Lewisham - the Beckenham Place Park and Deptford High Street conservation areas are 'at risk'.

Nationally, the agency found that as many as 1 in 7 conservation areas are 'at risk'; the top threats - some of which Brockley conservation area residents may recognise - include:

- plastic windows and doors (83% of conservation areas were affected);
- poorly maintained roads and pavements (60%);
- street clutter (45%);
- loss of front garden walls, fences and hedges (43%);
- unsightly satellite dishes (38%);
- the effects of traffic calming or traffic management (36%);
- alterations to the fronts, roofs and chimneys of buildings (34%);
- unsympathetic extensions (31%);
- impact of advertisements (23%);
– neglected green spaces (18%).

As a result of the survey, English Heritage is launching a 'Conservation Areas at Risk' campaign to encourage residents, local groups and councils to focus on improvements.