Lewisham town centre re-development progress

Lewisham Council's ambitious town centre re-development plan has come a step closer: developers Muse and Taylor Wimpey have secured outline planning consent and signed a Section 106 agreement for the Lewisham Gateway scheme.

The developers have reportedly commmitted £25 million in upfront infrastructure funding as part of the S106 deal. Public funding will include £4.3 million social housing grant and £9 million of single regeneration budget funds from the London Development Agency, Estates Gazette has reported.
The terms of the planning consent require some 20 per cent of the housing created to be social housing, according to EG.

The infrastructure funding will be used to re-route the A20 by removing the major roundabout which currently dominates the area. This will enable developer Land Securities to extend the shopping centre and build 500 flats, a large food store and a department store.

The council has also recently granted a compulsory purchase order for a 4.9 acre site around the high street.

The next step for the council is to open negotiations with Transport for London about the creation of a new 'bus layover facility' on Thurston Rd, the EG report said.